Yaesu VX-8DR Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22


Main advantage

Presenting the best in radio technology, the Yaesu VX-8DR is easily one of the top rated AM/FM weather radios of 2019. It is a revolutionary multi-band ham radio built for the most extreme weather conditions. This unit provides versatile functionality so you can still feel safe despite what the weather can throw at you. Using advanced handheld transceiver technology, this ham radio ensures that you have enough information to keep you within reach of civilization and help. The unit operates easily on a powerful lithium ion battery despite its compact profile. It keeps you entertained and informed for peace of mind when disaster strikes.


Main disadvantage

The native volume control entails pressing of the side button and using it as a function key instead of just having a top mounted knob that will just need to be twisted to get the desired level. This makes killing the sound or reducing the volume take longer than necessary. However, despite its shortcomings on those terms, this weather radio still has many redeeming features that consumers find ideal for this kind of equipment.

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Main features explained



Solid emergency radio technology

The Yaesu VX-8DR is equipped with integrated APRS operation, which enables you to transmit your location to other APRS stations using your speed and heading displayed on the unit. This handheld transceiver displays the heading directions, positions, messages, icons, distances, object, weather information and more of other APRS stations that you get information and signals from so you won’t have to do the guesswork. Thanks to the integrated spectrum analyzer, the unit receives weather bands so you can obtain weather alerts. The built-in barometric pressure and altitude readings enable use of the unit in the outdoors for extreme activities such as mountain climbing or camping.

The device also has optional GPS operation. It has Bluetooth capabilities for use with the

optional Bluetooth® Unit BU-1, letting you operate the unit hands-free with the optional Bluetooth® stereo headset BH-1A or monaural BH-2A (monaural), and letting you enjoy FM stereo listening with the optional Bluetooth BH-1A headset and FEP-1 earphone. You can monitor two ham frequency channels while listening to FM or AM radio channels.

1.1 Yaesu VX-8DR


Easy to use

The GPS screen comes with a heads up compass display that gives your traveling direction, so you can have the unit installed in a mobile home. The wide band receiver provides continuous reception for shortwave, AM and FM broadcasts, audio aircraft, analog TV stations, public service stations and more. The unit provides memory stations that can be viewed with their 16-digit alphanumeric tags, eliminating the guesswork. You can select the flashing rate of the Message Received LED. Perfect for continuous wave (CW) training, this model lets you send and receive important messages during emergencies.

The radio has a large dot matrix display that offers clear information that is easy to read so you know the Main and sub cons as well as the input voltage. When the Spectrum Scope is engaged, the display shows relative signal strengths in high resolution on nearby channels up to more than 50 in all, so you never feel alone.The four side-mounted durable independent key buttons and the large main dial ensure effortless operation when with gloves on.


Versatile and Rugged

The Smart Beaconing ™ Function automatically adjusts to your location and traveling speed when APRS is utilized for position tracking. This provides a smoother trace to correspond to your position and movement on a map, making the unit quite efficient. The emergency strobe/ beep and busy strobe LED functions adds greater versatility for signalling.

This heavy duty unit has an aluminum diecast chassis and a Polycarbonate resin front panel to make it exceptionally tough. It is submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes too, so you can bring it anywhere you may go. It is engineered to meet commercial standard ratings for products of this kind.


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