Why you should have a weather radio while camping

Last Updated: 01.10.20


Camping has become a year round activity that many people enjoy regardless of the weather. Supplies are now manufactured for use in all seasons, so freezing temperatures and wet weather is no longer an uncomfortable problem. Included in the gear that most campers consider essential is a weather radio, and here are the reasons why.

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The weather can change in an instant, especially if you are camping at higher elevations. Sudden strong winds can blow tents over and gear around, and pop up cloud bursts can soak your clothes and supplies. Surprise storms can also bring dangerous lightening strikes, but you can always be prepared if you have a weather radio.

Unlike standard models that are designed mainly for entertainment purposes, a weather radio is used to keep track of any incoming storms. Weather radios are able to broadcast NOAA bands, so you know immediately if there are any changes in the forecast. The ability to instantly know when and where a weather alert is issued can make the difference between a safe and pleasant camping trip, and one that you simply want to forget.



The information a weather radio can provide will help you stay safe during a camping trip. It can give you plenty of warning to stay out of the water if a thunderstorm is approaching in the distance and give you time to find shelter when you are on a hike. The alerts issued by a weather radio can also wake you and give you time to prepare for an approaching storm.

Some models also come with convenient flashlights so you can safely move around in the dark, along with the ability to keep cell phones charged so you can stay in touch with loved ones and authorities if necessary. There are also weather radios that transmit a beacon so rescuers can find your campsite if your safety is ever at risk.



Most weather radios can also receive AM/FM stations, along with NOAA bands. This way you can enjoy music on your camping trip, while still staying up to date on the latest weather conditions. These radios are generally designed to be lightweight and easily portable so you can pack it with the rest of your gear, unlike traditional boom boxes which can be heavy and awkward to carry.

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Phone Charger

Some weather radios can even be used to keep cell phones and other devices fully charged, which is always an advantage. Unless you are camping in an extremely remote area, it is always a good idea to have a way to get in touch in case there is an accident. Many hand cranked models can also be used to charge cell phones, and since it is manual power you don’t have to worry about running down the battery in the weather radio.


Weather radios are convenient, lightweight, and designed to help you stay safe, and are one piece of gear you should never go camping without.  


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