What to do when you’re snowed in

Last Updated: 17.09.20


You can take being snowed in as a blessing or a curse, but why not simply accept that there’s not much you can do about the situation and focus your energies on things that are constructive and productive instead of looking at everything as boring and terrible? The holidays may be over but if you’re still snowed in, here are some things worth spending your time on.

2.What to do when you’re snowed in


Do marathon watching.

Being snowed in is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the episodes of your favorite TV series that you may have missed during your busier days. In addition, you could watch that movie that everybody else has been talking about except you. The Internet can be a huge godsend during this time, and if you have On Demand or Netflix, that would be so much better.


Enjoy some great snow drinks while planning your next vacation.

Pack some snow up to make tasty snow ice cream, accompanied by some hot chocolate. You can add some marshmallows to the mix. To combat cabin fever, do more than just watch reruns of TV shows by getting early into the spirit of summer. How do you do that? Plan your next vacation! A study has proven that planning a vacation seems to provide greater enjoyment than taking it, and there’s no better time than being snowed in to make vacation plans. Do your own travel planning. Research on specific landmarks you’d love to see or a destination that’s a perfect fit for your interests. You can even start learning a new language if you’re planning to take a trip out of the country.


Do some work or cleaning or learn a new skill.

When your days are all caught up attending to the demands of your career, you could still get some work done so it doesn’t pile up when you go back to your normal schedule. Although not enjoyable, doing work is still one of the most beneficial things you can do. Catch up on emails, prepare proposals, pay bills, or crunch numbers while listening to your favorite music.

Cleaning has always been an effective means to destress yourself, since you can control the level of the activity according to how you feel. Clean the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Perform some decluttering on your messy home. Do the laundry while waiting for some cookies you are baking or while watching a movie.

If you’ve been dying to master a new skill, being snowed in provides the perfect opportunity to see if you’re really cut out for it. You could master the art of home cooking, which is perfect since you get to eat your mistakes. You could start on repair or DIY projects, or learn the rudiments of photography. YouTube is a rich resource for this.
Sort the junk you have accumulated into different boxes, classifying one box for stuff you’ll keep, stuff you’ll store, items you’ll sell or donate and things that should go in the trash. Digitize what you can. For the sentimental things, take photos of them and dispose. Figure out how to automate chores so you always have more time to handle the most essential ones.

Just have stress-less days.

Do what you have been meaning to do but have been unable to till now. Read a book. Play games with your kids. Sleep in and take a nap when you want to. Discover your inner child by playing in the snow, making sure you’re all bundled up. Do yoga, meditate, enjoy a luxurious warm bath.

The bottomline: embrace the glory of having time off by doing something relaxing and that can recharge you.


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