Weather radios save lives during tornado season

Last Updated: 20.09.20


Tornados are definitely a dreadful natural phenomenon.

Sometimes a tornado claims lives and wrecks one’s home, but, other times, people do survive these twisters.

So many stories are filled with despair and desolation when talking about the deadly tornados, but some stories are filled with hope indeed.

For instance, Wilma Nelson is a woman who survived 2 tornadoes in the exact same town. She almost paid with her life, however, she survived!

In 2012 a tornado in Woodward, Oklahoma, had destroyed 89 homes and 13 businesses, killed 6 people and injured dozens more. But Mrs. Nelson has a history of surpassing these terrible moments.


When disaster struck for the 2nd time, she was 87 years old.

She said that a weather radio she kept next to her bed is why she wasn’t dead. She declared that she had had the door shut and she heard an explosion-like noise and that she was shaking like a leaf, while relatives expressed that it was a miracle she had survived.

Those who had heard her cries of help were her neighbors. But it was mostly thanks to Wilma’s weather radio, a unit that’s worth about $30.

In 2013, May 22nd, a tornado with a 320 km/h speed was racing towards the Oklahoma City Suburb of Moore. This had been the deadliest tornado of 2013, as 24 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured.

However, there’s a story filled with hope amidst such disaster. A woman called Barbara Garcia had found her pet companion, a dog named Bowser, in a video that went viral on the Internet. Thus, it seems that when one has at least an ounce of hope left, when one doesn’t stop having faith, everything will work out for the better.

Another miraculous survival story of 1974 is when a dreadful lash of tornadoes had caused catastrophe across the U.S. The 1974 outbreak had killed hundreds of people, including 49 in Indiana. One of those tornados targeted Noble County, Indiana.

Linda Speakman-Yerick, resident of Noble County, is one woman who survived. She still has very bad memories and tries not to think about April 5th, 1974. However, she’s thankful to be alive.

Linda, living in a mobile home, had no idea that the worst tornado outbreak in Indiana were heading right towards them. She declared that she had landed next to her car. Bur she fortunately didn’t have a scratch!

Moreover, Larry and Rita Krznarich from Park Falls are also survivalists. They declared that their weather radio had saved their lives.

During their 5th wedding anniversary, they were out camping. The skies were dark and they perceived trouble coming. It was eerily quiet, but you could still hear rolling thunder in the skies. They said that they had heard on the radio that a tornado was rushing towards their area.

Debris in chunks was flying through the air, and trees were cracking and rotating due to the tornado. Had it not been for the weather radio, they would’ve received no warning, so that’s why they claimed that the radio had saved their lives.


The Salerno family of Kenosha County survived a tornado that went through in 2008. Yet again the weather radio aided in saving people’s lives, as Nancy Salerno and her son heard the news, a tornado alert, and rushed to the basement to take cover.

She was really shocked to see their neighbors’ belongings on their yard, after the tornado had passed.

Since that tornado, they’re a two-weather-radio family. They have one upstairs and one downstairs. They thought of encouraging everyone to purchase a weather radio, as every second counts when there’s a tornado outbreak.




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