Uncommon uses for weather radios

Last Updated: 20.09.20


While most consumers know that weather radios are used to broadcast information and warnings about natural and manmade emergencies, not everyone realizes that there are other uses for these convenient safety devices. Along with keeping you informed about current conditions and forecasts, a weather radio can also be a convenient device to keep around. Here are some unconventional uses for weather radios.

1.Uncommon uses for weather radios


Uncommon uses for weather radios



Some of the higher end weather radios can receive local AM/FM stations, along with the national NOAA frequencies. Most of these models allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations, and some are even compatible with a MP3 player. If there is a warning issued the radio will automatically interrupt the program or music so you never have to worry about missing a bulletin. This is also convenient for campers who are always conscious about the amount of gear that they carry since weather radios are designed to be lightweight and compact.


Phone Charger

There are some weather radios that allow you to use it to charge your cell phone. While this might not be what these radios were initially designed for, there is no denying that it is important to stay in touch during an emergency. Most of the weather radios that can be used as chargers are hand crank models, but there are also some that are battery powered. While it is nice keeping your cell phone charged, you do want to make sure that you don’t run the battery down. If you lose battery powered you want be able to listen to the latest updates and warnings.


Alarm Clock

Some of the desktop style weather radios come with a digital clock and a convenient alarm. These radios will automatically turn on when an alert is issued, otherwise you can easily use it as a standard alarm clock. It will make a statement sitting out on your nightstand, and you might even sleep better at night knowing that you will be awakened the instant a bulletin is issued.

2.Uncommon uses for weather radios


Night Light

Fuses can blow or trip leaving you in the dark, but you can use your weather radio to help you see what you are doing if it can with a built in flashlight. The small beam is bright enough to easily light your way to the fuse box, even if it is located downstairs. You can also use the flashlight to help guide children back to bed or to simply see your way around the house without waking others. The flashlight is also a great extra to have when you are camping and need to move around in the dark.



Newer, high end weather radios can now come with GPS features which lets you use it as a map. Not only will you always know what type of weather to expect, a weather radio can also keep you from getting lost. Simply check your coordinates to see where you are, and you can safely make it back without losing your way.



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