Top weather radio of 2020

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Top rated weather radios in 2020


If you are short on time and can’t afford read all the reviews and excellent buying advice written by our team of researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best weather radios of 2020. In determining the best products we have looked at product popularity, expert reviews and last but not least feedback straight from the users. We have found that the C Crane CC is the best because of its great functionality and value. Compact enough to fit inside a pocket, a glove or any other limited space you may have at your disposal, this handheld unit is ideal for emergency conditions, as it runs on AA batteries. Made to receive all the important alerts from the National Weather Service, the model also comes with AM/FM capabilities, so you can use it as a normal radio, when you do not need it for emergency purposes. The timer installed on the unit will make sure battery time is saved, so you do not have to worry about your weather radio going dead when you need it the most. If the C Crane CC is unavailable, you can confidently choose the La Crosse 810-805 as it offers similar performance.


1.C Crane CC Pocket


The top features of a weather radio

Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper or are simply putting together an emergency kit for your home one think you don’t want to forget is a weather radio. In this buying guide you will find informative tips and brief reviews that will help you choose the best weather radio.



Some of the top weather radios of 2020 feature a compact size that fits easily in your pocket or backpack. Perfect for staying informed on the go, these small radios are ideal for hikers or to simply keep in your car. Larger weather radios are great for use at home, and some are designed to sit easily on a desk or table so you can easily hear the latest updates and alerts.



The top weather radios of 2020 feature a durable and weatherproof design, which is especially important if you plan on using it outside. You also want the radio to be designed to be easy and convenient to use.



Along with being able to receive the latest weather updates and local AM/FM stations, there are some other features that you might want to consider. Included wrist straps make it easy to carry the radio with you, and models that feature a non slip grip are great when it is raining outside. Earphone jacks are a nice extra, along with the ability to save alerts. Some weather radios also include a convenient clock and alarm.


Our top choices


While we can’t choose the right weather radio for you, we can show you some of the top rated models.



C Crane CC


A.1 Top weather radios of 2019This handheld radio is designed to be convenient to use, and its compact size is easy to carry. It can fit in your pocket, backpack or glove box, and since it is powered by 2 AA batteries this radio is always ready to go.

It is capable of receiving all of the alerts and bulletins from the National Weather Service, and the five front buttons let you program your favorite AM/FM stations.

The large speaker ensures that you can clearly hear the broadcasts, and you also have the option of plugging in the included earbuds.

The small screen features a backlit display for easy viewing in dim and bright light, and you will appreciate the included clock and convenient alarm.

There is also a timer that will automatically shut the radio off to help conserve battery power for emergencies. Stay up to date on the latest weather conditions even when you are far from home, with this convenient pocket radio.


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La Crosse 810-805


2.La Crosse 810-805One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the durable construction that is also designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

The sturdy radio is designed to withstand strong storms, and you will appreciate the non slip grip when it is raining outside. Its compact size also makes it easy to pack, and it can even fit in your purse or pocket.

This weather radio is able to receive alerts on all seven channels so you never miss an alert or update.

You can also enjoy listening to your favorite Am/FM stations, even during a severe storm. For added safety there is a small flashlight to light your way, and it can also be used to signal your location.

The convenient headphone jack makes it easy to hear the exact details of the alerts, along with letting you listen to music without disturbing others. You will also appreciate the bright LED display that will flash red during important alerts.

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3.MIDLAND WR300Perfect for your desk or nightstand, this weather radio also functions as an alarm clock. It is capable for tuning into the local AM/FM stations, and also includes a convenient calendar.

The alarm can be set to buzz or play your favorite station, and you will feel safe knowing that it is Public Alert certified.

Not only will this weather radio sound a loud alarm when there is an update or alert, it can also be set to recognize the warnings from up to 23 countries or provinces.

The bright screen will clearly display the warning, and you will appreciate the convenience of having the level of alerts color coded to avoid any confusion.

Receive all warnings for your area the instant each one is released, and the radio will automatically interrupt your station to ensure the alerts are promptly heard.

Capable of using electric or battery power, this weather radio might be exactly what you need to stay informed at home.

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