The weather radio- the best survival tool

Last Updated: 18.09.20


With the ready convenience of the internet, television and cell phones it is easy to stay informed and in touch, but what would you do if all of the technology you depend on suddenly stopped working? How would you get the information you need to stay safe or even find out what is going on around you? Power failures are inevitable, especially if you live in an area where storms are common, and this can leave you completely in the dark. If you have a weather radio this won’t be a problem, and the convenient alerts might even give you enough time to prepare for the coming storm.

2.The weather radio – the best survival tool


If you are not sure how a weather radio differs from a traditional boom box, it simply receives signals other devices can’t. Weather radios can pick up broadcasts on NOAA bands that can’t be received by models designed mainly for entertainment. Not only can the NOAA bands receive all of the latest updates from the National Weather Service, it is also capable of picking up transmissions on any local or national disasters. This allows you to receive the news almost as soon as it happens, instead of having to wait for it to hit the local airwaves. If the power is out or local stations are not transmitting due to interference, then a weather radio might be the only way for you to get any useful information.

Being able to stay informed of the conditions around you can be instrumental to your survival. It also helps to know ahead of time if there is something that you need to be aware of. Whether it is an upcoming storm or potential disaster, having a little bit of warning can help you stay safe and alive.

Weather radios are also designed to function on battery or manual power, since in most survival situations there is no electrical power. Some models also come with solar panels, for even more assurance that you will always be able to stay in touch. When other forms of public information are no longer available, a weather radio will still be transmitting. It can provide you will the latest information on road closures, which direction the storm is headed, and the location of any open emergency shelters. In particularly bad scenarios a weather radio will also keep listeners informed of emergency personnel movements, including whether armed troops have been called out.



When there is an emergency the best way to stay safe and survive is to have all of the information you need to make the best decision about your next course of action. When the internet, along with AM/FM and television stations are down, a weather radio can keep you connected with everything that is going on. It will alert you when a storm is coming and keep you up to date on any other emergency situations, along with providing useful information that can help you plan your next move.


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