The best emergency weather radio

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Finding the best emergency weather radio


Weather radios will provide you with the information you need during a natural or manmade emergency. Broadcasting on high frequency bands, governmental agencies are able to issue warnings and updates even when AM/FM stations are down. While there is no denying that weather radios are an important tool to have in an emergency, it can be difficult trying to decide which one is the best one for you. Here are a few tips that will help you find the best emergency weather radio.


2.The best emergency weather radio



Where you are going to use the weather radio is an important consideration and will help determine which one is right for you. If you are an avid camper or hiker, you will want to choose a model that is lightweight and easy to pack with the rest of your gear. If it is mainly for use at home or even in the office, a larger desktop model might be a better choice. These weather radios often come with AM/FM capabilities, and many can also function as an alarm clock.

Weather radios often have multiple power options, and this will also affect where it can be used. Portable models are generally battery operated, and some can even use solar power. There are also compact hand crank radios that are ideal for camping, and ensure you never have to worry about finding a power source. Larger, desktop weather radios usually are designed to plug into a nearby outlet, and can be switched over to battery power in the event of an electrical failure. While the larger size makes these weather radios impractical to carry, it is a good way to stay informed and updated whether you are at home or stuck in the office.



The available settings will also help you determine the best weather radio. If you plan on using it at home or work, you might want to choose one that lets you program it to only receive warnings and updates for your immediate area. The NOAA bands broadcast around the country, and you don’t want to be constantly disturbed by alerts that don’t affect you. The “Specific Area Message Encoding” (SAME) feature might cost a little extra, but it is worth it when you consider how many alerts you would get that don’t pertain to you. If the weather radio is going to be part of an emergency kit a basic, less expensive model might be the best choice for you.



No matter where you are going to use the weather radio an included flashlight is always an advantage. Some of the top rated weather radios come with a small light that will clearly illuminate your path in the dark. It can help guide your way to the fuse box or safely around storm debris, and a flashlight can also serve as a beacon to emergency personnel. If is important to remember that the flashlight will drain battery power, and it should be used sparingly.


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