Sangean PR-D9W Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22

1.1 Sangean PR-D9W


Main advantage

The Sangean PR-D9W has all the features of an emergency radio one might ever be looking for. It has a large LCD screen and is able to detect AM, FM and NOAA frequencies. Unlike other products in the line, it can be used as a regular clock and alarm radio. Its features and warnings can be customized according to the requirements of the user.

Since the Sangean PR-D9W has a built-in headphone stereo amplifier, it has one of the highest audio qualities of weather radios on the market today.


Main disadvantage

While performing a detailed research, we came across many positive user reviews on this item. However, there have been some buyers who complained about small details.

One of the factors that prevented these consumers from giving this product a 5-star rating was the absence of station presets. It seems that a buyer has to set the presets and recall them every time he or she restarts the device. This might seem ridiculous to some people, while it looks like a personal preference to others.

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Main features explained




The Sangean PR-D9W has been certified as a “Public Alert” emergency radio. It has 19 total memory presets and is more than capable or working with both AM and FM tuning as well as NOAA weather bands. The memory presets allow buyers to select their preferred stations to their heart’s content. The Auto Scan feature in the Sangean PR-D9W gives any user a helping hand if they ever lose the broadcasting frequency.

Once a weather alert emitted by the NOAA channels comes up, the consumer may hear a siren that lets them know there is a risk of a danger happening in the near future. This gives them enough time to be prepared.

1.2 Sangean PR-D9W


The functions of some radios are somewhat limited compared to the ones of other models. Fortunately, the Sangean PR-D9W can be used for virtually anything from waking up in the morning with an AM/FM station to setting a reminder that can help a user tend to a task. Both sleep and snooze functions are part of the deal with this alternative. The snooze function can be activated by pushing any button aside from the power one.

The device is very convenient even when it comes to battery life. In fact, the unit allows users to select just which battery they would like to use: the NiMH one or the alkaline batteries. When it is on low power consumption, the Sangean PR-D9W can be used continuously for 25 hours.


Small size, excellent performance

The device might not be as small as a pocket size radio, but it definitely does the trick when it comes to carrying it around quickly. It measures just 1.6 inches by 6.3 inches by 4.2 inches and weighs in at only 12.3 ounces.

Even with such user-friendly dimensions, the model manages to have a built-in headphone stereo amplifier that considerably enhances the way you experience the sounds broadcasted by the stations of your choice. Clarity and fidelity are at the core of the Sangean model, which is why it is one of the most esteemed units nowadays.


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