Sangean PR-D4W Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22


Main advantage

The product was designed to be time-saving, and that is one of the greatest aspects of the model. This is mostly done with the help of an exciting feature called AM Auto Tracking, which helps you find the best stations automatically, without having to manually tune the frequency yourself. This feature will also allow you to have the clearest sound, for an enhanced experience.


Main disadvantage

This item can provide a complete spectrum of tools for any emergency situation. However, there was a review which pointed out that the device uses four D cell batteries. What this means is that it will make the product seem heavier, thus harder to carry around with you everywhere you go.

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Main features explained



Helpful when it matters

The model has been praised for the fact that is fine-tuned. The innovative Am Auto Tracking has been talked about for a long time because it does all the work for you. This will offer a superior AM reception to the clever machine.
And this band power is also doubled by the Multiple Bandwidth Narrowing, which enables it to deliver crystal clear sound in any situation you might find yourself in, no matter if we’re talking about AM or FM frequencies. This combination of elements allows for less background noise and for minimal interference with other devices.

Let’s get information

Everybody knows that information is vital, it is what keeps you alive and thriving. And this is the product to help you get it in a stress-free way. The model is designed to be easy to use even in an adrenaline-filled situation. The buttons are visible and intuitive, and also very responsive when you press them down.
You’ll always be kept informed and alert through bad weather conditions, or abrupt changes in your environment with the aid of the Weather Alert function. The Sangean PR-D4W is a standout product which is optimized and evolved because the manufacturer knows what a huge responsibility it has.


It is all about the tools

These days it’s not enough that an item does just one thing. It also has to offer something that makes you proud you bought it. And this model knows that, that’s why it features top-notch tools, which will facilitate your information delivery. The well-designed device is quite impressive when you count its abilities.
It is classified as a “Public Alert” emergency device, and it rocks a dual alarm clock, which has both the snooze and the sleep functions. It also comes with a large LCD display, so you can see everything clearly even in low light conditions. So needless to say, this is something that you can use in any room and in any environment, and you still get a high-class performance.


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The best brand Sangean


Sangean is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and it is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of consumer electronics in the USA. It is known for the wide selection of quality products that it produces such as the clock radios that come with a multitude of features that allow customers to get more functionality out of this everyday household item.

Apart from the wide variety of radios that range from utility and worksite radios to table-top, portable and handheld radios, the brand also produces high-quality Bluetooth speakers that you can pair with your radio.

There is a large range of options to choose from and that means that if you’re looking to purchase a radio, Sangean will have something for everyone. Each category of products includes a multitude of models, each available at a different price point and equipped with different features.

Customers have reported that Sangean has one of the most varied product catalogs which can satisfy even the most peculiar requirements since the brand is known for its innovative products. Some of the premium models can even be connected to the internet or to a phone so that they can be used as portable speakers and provide even more information to the customer.



The one aspect that helps Sangen stand out among other brands is its procedure since while most companies prefer to outsource the production of electronics to save on money, Sangean even to this day keeps the responsibility of this process. All of the devices are manufactured in-house and that helps the Sangean family of products to keep on expanding.

The radios are produced by Sangean from start to finish, namely from Research and Development to After Sales. This allows for the company to ensure quality reception and sensitivity in places where the competitors simply can’t reach. Thanks to this way of doing business, customers can enjoy products with superior craftsmanship.

Besides delivering superior quality, this process also drives the Sangen personnel to innovate when the design, features and functionally of the products are first conceived. The focus with all its products is to give the consumer something they’ll feel proud of displaying in his or her home.

Ever since Sangean entered the short wave radio business in 1980 with the SG-785 model, which received great reception and praise for its ease of use, the focus remained solely on the customer needs. Nowadays, the brand is keen on delivering high-quality products to all the people of the world, which is why it is now present in all the markets of the world.

Sangean has always been one step ahead in terms of technology. In 2008 it responded to the demand for quality sound products compatible with Apple products and it produced the DDR-63 model which was able to connect to the internet, play music from your iPod and also charge it.

Today, its focus is on producing radios that can connect to all your favorite Bluetooth devices so that you can wirelessly stream audio to your radio with just a press of a button. We are certain that whatever the customer demands will be in the future, Sangean will still be there to deliver products capable of satisfying them.



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