Sangean MMR-88 Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22

Main advantage

Engineered tough so you can also stay tough during weather catastrophes and other emergencies, this is truly the best hand crank weather radio that has been public alert certified. It offers three options for charging so you can keep it powered up for optimal functionality. The weather radio also offers multiple means to get radio signals to keep you abreast of any vital weather information, advice from local officials for your area, along with the regular AM and FM radio channels so you are never out of communication range. The unit is also quite easy to use so you can make the most of its application.


Main disadvantage

This substantially constructed weather radio does not come with an AC adaptor, so it can’t be plugged into a standard wall socket to juice up the rechargeable fuel cell. However, it is equipped to power up by the reliable means by which emergency devices typically do when power is cut off.

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Main features explained



Versatile charging options

This public alert certified radio comes with three charging options to choose from. You can use the built-in turbine to crank it and juice up the onboard high power rechargeable 850mAh battery. The fuel cell can also be powered up via USB through your laptop or desktop PC. The unit also gets power from sunlight thanks to its cutting edge Solar Panel to harness the sun’s sustainable energy. This weather radio has power when and where needed so you are not kept in the dark about what goes on in your area.

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Versatile functionality

You can listen to your favorite radio programs on the AM and FM wavelengths, so you can keep entertained wherever you are. This proves to be useful when you are camping in the wilderness or caught in the midst of a weather emergency where electric power is not available or has been cut off. It helps give you peace of mind that you are not totally out of reach of civilization. The weather radio has 19 presets in all of mixed FM and AM channels, so you can quickly access the stations you regularly listen to.

This weather radio also comes with a LED flashlight that lets you do Morse Code signalling to communicate with other people. This will be indispensable when you are in a very difficult situation and you need to get help fast. Aside from Morse Code signalling, the weather radio’s LED flashlight can be adjusted to blinking, high and low modes.

The radio also serves as a smart phone charger so you can keep your phone or MP3 device charged up even when electric power is out. The unit is compatible with USB devices as well as media players. It has a DC out USB A port for that purpose, along with a DC in Micro USB B port to keep it powered up. This model ships with a USB A to Micro B cable for out-of-the-box charging applications.
The loud emergency buzzer lets you signal to others on your presence. The built-in clock keeps you on time, while the built-in speaker lets you use the unit for audio entertainment. The radio also has a stereo headphone output for private listening purposes. Most importantly, the radio delivers severe weather warnings to keep you updated and promote you and your family’s safety.


Ease of Use

The bright backlit LCD display shows vital information on operations, including the time and radio station pulled in. The four-level battery indicator monitor lets you know just how much power is left so you can recharge the device promptly. The 90-minute shut off feature conserves power. The hand strap enables easy portability.


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