Sangean H202 Digital Review

Last Updated: 18.09.20


Main advantage

This is a compact radio that comes with all the functions you can expect from such a device and more. You get a solid body that’s waterproof which means that you can use it as your shower radio without a problem. This device has 20 radio presets, a built-in LED lamp, and it can connect to your smartphone or other mobile devices via Bluetooth.

You get to receive all the important NOAA weather channels and you can also use the incorporated siren in case of emergencies.


Main disadvantage

This radio has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers. However, there are some who have complained about the difficulty in properly getting it to work with AM, and there were also some complaints that the radio is a bit on the heavier side.

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Main features explained



Functions and presets

This radio lets you tune in to your favorite radio stations with ease. You can use the DSP tuner, and you can set up to 20 preset frequencies that you can access anytime with a simple push of a button. This unit works with both AM and FM, and you can set 10 FM, 5 WX, and 5 AM presets.

You also get integrated Bluetooth which means that you can always connect your iPhone to this device and listen to your favorite tunes. You can live stream music from your mobile device and enjoy louder and clearer music thanks to the large speaker. This device has a wide LCD that displays large characters so you can easily see them even if your eyesight isn’t perfect.

You get a clock as well as adjustable sleep and snooze functions. There’s also a built-in timer with an interval between 1 and 120 minutes. The battery indicator will show you when it’s time to look for spares so that you won’t be caught off guard with no power when you need it the most.

Emergency features

With this radio, you can receive all 7 NOAA weather channels so that you get a warning in advance in case of a major weather event. There’s also an incorporated siren which can help you send out distress signals.

This unit is powered by 2 D cells which should last for a very long time. What this means is that, in case of a power outage, you’ll still be able to stay tuned and get vital information that could help you keep your family safe from a calamity.


Simple design and ease of use

This radio is waterproof and rated JIS7 which means that you can use it in your shower or outdoors when camping without worrying about damage. Not only is this device waterproof, but it also has a strong body that should make it resistant to wear and tear.

You can use the handle or strap to hang this in the shower cabin or on a branch. There’s also a wall mount for fast securing. The buttons are intuitive and easy to use so you can operate it and enjoy the local news or your favorite radio programme.


Buy from for ($87.68)




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