Sangean DT-400W Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22


Main advantage

If you have been looking for a weather radio to fit in a vehicle glove box or small emergency kit, the DT-400W from Sangean might be just what you need. It comes with a durable and compact construction that is easy and convenient to pack or carry, along with several convenient features that are always nice to have. Listen to favorite radio stations and receive all of the latest updates and warnings issued on NOAA frequencies with this weather radio that can even be used as a handy alarm clock.


Main disadvantage

It is important to remember to remove the batteries if you plan on storing this digital weather radio in an emergency kit or packing it away until it is needed. The clock cannot be turned off and will continue to run until the batteries are drained, which might result in the radio not working when emergency conditions strikes.

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Main features explained




Every aspect of the DT-400W is designed for convenience and portability. Weighing only 4 ounces and featuring a compact size this weather radio can fit easily in a pocket, backpack or emergency kit. The sturdy construction can survive the rigors of outdoor use, so you can take the radio with you on hikes, bike rides and camping trips. The bright LED screen is designed to be easy to clearly read in any lighting, and you will appreciate the conveniently placed controls. It is also powered by 2 AA batteries which are inexpensive and easy to replace when needed.

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Radio and weather capabilities

Not only can the DT-400W receive the 7 NOAA bands, it is also capable of picking up local AM/FM radio stations. This lets you enjoy your favorite programs, while still staying up to date on any changes in the weather. There are 19 presets available so you can program your favorite stations for quick and easy access, and there is even a convenient feature that lets you lock your selections in. The radio can also automatically search for stations, while always being able to receive any alerts or updates. As soon as an emergency arises the radio will sound an audible alarm that will ensure you never miss any important information.



Sangean designed this portable weather radio to come with all of the features you need to stay safe and informed during an emergency. An alarm will alert you when there is important information being released on the NOAA bands, and the radio will automatically interrupt any AM/FM channel to broadcast the information. The LED screen not only displays the current station, but it can also function as an alarm clock. The built in mono speaker ensures that everyone can hear the music or alert, even at the beach or around a campfire. If you want to listen to music after everyone has gone to sleep you can take advantage of the convenient headphone jack, and if you doze off while the DT-400W is still on it will automatically turn itself off after 90 minutes of inactivity.


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