Midland er310 Review

Last Updated: 29.09.20


Main advantage

The most important advantage of this emergency radio is that it can work with 3 different power sources, all sustainable. That means that no matter what circumstances you may encounter, you will have at least one possibility to recharge your radio, whether it is necessary to call for help or listen to the latest weather changes.

The radio comes outfitted with a solar panel so that you can recharge it when you are outside, and there are no electrical outlets around. It is convenient that the model also has a hand crank, and you can use it to recharge it mechanically. Last, but not least, the 2600 mAh battery can be recharged from an electrical outlet so that you can use the radio for trips to the great outdoors, not only when there’s an emergency.

You should know that on a single recharge, the battery can offer up to 32 hours in radio mode. Also, you can replace it if it gets damaged or doesn’t recharge properly so that you don’t have to get rid of the radio and get another. In case these sustainable power sources are not enough for you, you can also use 6 AA batteries for backup.


Main disadvantage

One thing that Midland left out for this particular model is the possibility to remember stations you used. No functionality can allow you to store your favorite radio stations, and you will always have to browse through frequencies to land on the one you want when switching bands.

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Main features explained


Excellent weather alerts for all emergencies

Since this model is intended for emergencies, you will be happy to learn that this one will receive all weather alerts from the NOAA network that is in charge of transmitting all the necessary information on the hazards in your area. This network includes numerous radio stations spread all over the US, so you will be best informed in case there is an emergency.

The model can work as a regular radio for all those times when you don’t need to listen to emergency alerts. There are 3 bands: FM, AM, and NWR (which stands for the NOAA network mentioned earlier). The NWR band is also FM, only that it doesn’t use the standard FM band. When you need to listen to weather alerts, the one thing you need to do is to tune the radio until you reach the station you need.

You have the option of turning on the emergency activation. That is a handy feature if you live in an area where weather events are commonplace. Turn on the emergency feature, and anytime an emergency broadcast happens, the radio will turn on by itself and alert you of the possible hazards.

Not only weather alerts are included, as the emergency system can be activated when human-made disasters are threatening other people’s lives and belongings. You will notice that the radio comes with a telescoping antenna that you can collapse and hide inside the body of the radio when you don’t have any use for it.


It can work as a charging station

Seeing how the Midland er310 can work on an endless supply of power, it is an excellent thing that it can also be used for recharging other devices. Seeing how people are more connected to technology than ever, that’s a great thing to have. You will be able to recharge your smartphone or your tablet, or any other USB device, without a problem, so this emergency radio can work in multiple ways.

At the handle end of the radio, you will notice the USB port that can be connected to any other device via a USB cable. One nice touch is the fact that the required cable is included with the radio, so you will not have to purchase one separately. Using any of the power sources of the radio, you can proceed to recharge your phone or a flashlight with great ease.

No matter what type of situation you might have to deal with, you will be ready. The solar panel can be used during the day, and you can pull enough power to recharge your phone. If it is night, you can use the hand crank to produce enough juice for the same purpose.

You will never remain stranded if you have enough power to supply to your devices. In the case of an emergency, it is even necessary to have such a unit at hand. However, if you plan a longer trip to the great outdoors, you may find such an emergency radio to be precisely what you need.


Other emergency features

Since this is an emergency radio, it is an excellent thing that it comes equipped with some extra features that can help you under severe circumstances. For instance, the unit comes with a built-in flashlight. The flashlight has a low intensity, high intensity, and an SOS mode so that you can signal the intervention teams or other people when the power is out.

You will find that the low power mode is enough to find your way around, so the battery will keep for long hours even when you use it. In case you need more light, you can switch to high, which will double the light intensity output. With an output of 130 lumens, it may not be the most potent flashlight out there, but it does its job.

The flashlight cannot replace a tactical model, yet it is still usable. Another thing you should know about it is that its beam is a spot so that you can aim it in front of you or at various objects. With the help of the SOS mode, you can draw the attention of rescuers and others.

Also, there is a feature that can help you in rescue situations. The radio also has a dog whistle that can be activated to transmit an ultrasound that dogs, with their sensitive hearing, can detect. As rescue teams often work with dogs to find people buried under rubble, this can be a pretty useful feature under certain dire circumstances.


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