Reecom R-1630 Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22


Main advantage

Long-lasting battery -> The Reecom promises outstanding battery quality that offers 200 hours running time in standby mode. Though most weather radios are backed up by long-lasting batteries, this is an amazing running time even for the smartest, and most  frugal products.


Main disadvantage

No great disadvantages are associated with this high-performing item, but, some customers have complained about the set-up process that is complicated and can get quite tricky to handle even if the device comes with an instruction manual. However, for those having difficulties with the set-up, you can access numerous tutorial videos online.

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Main features explained



Great signal reception

The first function that needs to work properly in a weather radio is its ability to tune in to the weather channel. However, though all weather radios are designed to notify you of upcoming alerts, some encounter difficulties at getting a clear signal if, for example, you live in the countryside, due to large distance between the receiver and the transmitter or, on the contrary, if you live in a crowded city zone. None of these will happen when using the Reecom model, as it comes with technology specially designed by the company that is able to rapidly intercept and decode radio signals, allowing you to listen to the weather forecast in the blink of an eye. In addition, due to the fact that the Reecom can double as a classic radio, you can switch from the weather band to AM/FM and listen to music while in your kitchen preparing breakfast.

1.3 Reecom R-1630


Automatic alert feature

Though the Reecom can be easily switched to another frequency band, it will not fail in alerting you about potential weather emergencies. When a weather alert is being broadcast, the device will impolitely interrupt the radio program you are currently listening to, and give you the bad news. No worries, though, once the alert message ends, the device will go back to the radio channel it was set on prior to the alert. This is possible due to the EOM function. EOM stands for End of Message, which means that the radio intelligently detects when the message has been transmitted and goes back to its own business.


Audible and visual alerts

The efficacy of a weather radio can be approximated by counting the alert types it is able to provide you with. Sometimes, when we are busy with household activities, we can miss the audio (voice alert) or visual alert that the radio emits, either by showing the alert type on its screen, but also through flickering lights and small LED lights designed to inform you on the severity level of the alert. But, an extraordinary weather radio like the Reecom won’t solely alert you visually and audibly, but will also emit a loud siren of 90 db that can raise the dead from their graves. Fortunately, if you are in the proximity of the radio, you can turn the volume down or mute it, once you have been informed on how the weather evolves.


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