Radio Shack 12-262 Review

Last Updated: 24.06.22


Main advantage

The Radio Shack 12-262 is a convenient weather radio that does its job just like it is supposed to. While it might be less versatile compared to other options out there, this product is well-known for its excellent performance especially as it is capable of broadcasting SAME local weather and warning events in the area you live in or perhaps the one you’re transiting. It goes without saying that this unit can also be utilized for NOAA-channel reception.


Main disadvantage

Some owners have found it rather hard to set just the right volume as it seems that the audio accuracy and quality of this device might be below par. There were few individuals who have reported this issue and in most cases, it dealt with the poor reception they had in the area they were using the product. Even so, this inconvenience might be something to consider if it matters a great deal for you.

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Main features explained



Can keep you safe at all times

The core reason you might be interested in getting a weather or emergency radio is to keep you and your family safe all the time. Some people live in disaster-prone areas where they may have to keep up with the data provided by the NOAA channels and get as quickly and as far away as possible from a hurricane or any other unfortunate weather event. Fortunately, the Radio Shack 12-262 seems to have been intended just for this purpose as it can serve its users efficiently by allowing them to listen to all of the channels that are being broadcasted in their specific state or county.

2.Radio Shack Hazard Alert Weather Radio

A more than reasonable price

The neat thing about the Radio Shack 12-262 is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money and will not have you breaking the bank just to order a dependable emergency radio. As such, we could not help noticing that most of the online retailers sell this model for as little as thirty or even twenty dollars. If you usually get your supplies from Amazon, you might be surprised to find out that you can get this product at an even friendlier price if you shop from this trusted internet retailer. Besides, it looks as if the Radio Shack offers great value for the price, in spite of being so affordable. That’s what we’ve gathered by reading the customer reviews.


A good deal of useful functionalities

Aside from the fact that this unit makes it possible for you to get out of a tricky and sometimes life-threatening situation, it is also smart enough to allow you to set your county or city codes. After you’ve introduced the code, the device memorizes it, which takes ease of use to a whole new level as you’ll have to simply push a button to get to the broadcasting area of your choice. What’s more, the alert volumes of this radio can be adjusted depending on your personal preferences. Besides, you can use the automatic volume settings for nighttime and daytime.


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