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Last Updated: 30.09.20


Main advantage

This emergency radio won’t require a lot of work from you since it comes with a very useful S.A.M.E. feature. S.A.M.E. stands for Specific Area Message Encoding, and it is convenient for all the times when you want to hear alerts that are available for your area in particular. Unless you are a tornado chaser or someone who simply wants to stay in touch with all the possible alerts, you will want to have this convenience at your fingertips.

What S.A.M.E. does is locking the radio on the NOAA channel that transmits information for your county. That means that you will not have to do anything, and there will be very little programming required. What you have to do is to set up your radio to receive alerts available for up to 25 counties. Then program the unit to alert you only when certain areas are in trouble due to weather conditions and other disasters.

Many people value having such a great option as they do not want their emergency radio to alert them when there’s a situation that happens across the country. This model offers you this possibility and keeps you up to date with what happens in your area.


Main disadvantage

In case you prefer to keep this radio on the nightstand next to your bed, be aware that the display can be a little too bright. You should place it somewhere that it doesn’t become a problem for you or your sleep. The alerts should still be easy to hear, nonetheless.

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Main features explained


The radio functionalities

It goes without saying that this model is ideal for all the emergency situations caused by weather conditions since it was made with this purpose in mind. The radio comes equipped with NOAA Weather Scan, a feature in charge of scanning through all the weather band channels for various warnings. These include flood alerts, tornado alerts, thunderstorm alerts, and civil danger warnings, among many others.

As soon as it finds a weather channel with a strong signal, the radio will lock on to it, and you will be able to listen to the NOAA reports transmitted via radio waves. The NOAA Alert feature will immediately sound the alarm so that you know right away whether you are in danger or there are measures you have to undertake to get to safety in a timely manner.

Besides its abilities as an NOAA radio, this model also doubles as a regular radio, and it works with both AM and FM bands. Whenever there is an emergency, it can switch from one of the regular stations you listen to the emergency station that will deliver the alert information.

You will love the fact that this radio comes with 4 presets that decrease the time lost by tuning the radio to get to the station you want. Since it is so easy to use, it doubles as a regular radio with excellent efficiency, which is why you may want to use it as a desktop radio, too.


Superior sound quality and signal strength

There are plenty of emergency radios on the market, so one thing you may have trouble with can be that you don’t know what to choose. Experts always recommend getting a model with excellent signal strength, as that’s an essential feature an emergency radio should have. In this case, you will be happy to discover that this Midland emergency radio does an excellent job by delivering superior signal strength.

It might not bother you a lot when your regular radio doesn’t sound very loud, and it’s not particularly accurate. You could be annoyed by it, but not much else. However, when you have an emergency radio on which you depend to listen to weather alerts for your area, you want it to have perfect signal and sound quality, and those are two things this model delivers.

The alert signal is clear, and you will not have to fine-tune the radio too much to get the station to broadcast in bright clear words the information on which your belongings and even your life may depend. In terms of quality, you can’t find many models that can compete on the same level with this particular unit.

Also, it must be noted that the display is easy to read, and that’s again something to bear in mind when you’re using an emergency radio. Access to information is easy as a breeze, and you can also listen to it in perfect conditions, which says something about the superior overall performance of this model.


The warning system comes with several options

An emergency radio is also all about delivering alert messages and information. One great thing about this model is that it can alert you in various ways. Also, you are in charge of customizing the way you want to be informed. For instance, you can use the siren alarm that can deliver 85 dB. That’s loud enough so that even people who suffer from impaired hearing can be alerted in a timely fashion.

There is also the voice alert system that works like a charm for those who don’t like a siren sound to wake them up in the middle of the night. This option adds a human touch to the alert system, and it is preferred by many.

However, in case you don’t like the sound-based types of alarm presented so far, you can choose the visual flash option. This radio comes with an LED light that will start flashing when there’s an emergency. Seeing how this one doesn’t use sound, you will be able to protect your ears from noise if that’s something you’re against.

It must also be noted here that the radio comes with a built-in alarm clock that can be used as any standard device of the kind. Instead of crowding your nightstand with several different devices, you can eliminate at least one, and that’s the alarm clock. This one is not part of the emergency system, but it is still a convenient feature you may come to love.


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