Midland HH50 Pocket Review

Last Updated: 18.09.20

1.1 Midland HH50

Main advantage

Able to receive NOAA broadcasts, the Midland HH50 Pocket delivers around-the-clock severe weather information so you won’t be left deaf and blind during extreme weather emergencies. Equipped with an automatic alert system that turns on during dangerous weather disturbances and civil emergencies, the radio comes with a handy test button that lets you know if the alert function is functioning properly at all times. Giving you straightforward, simple access to emergency information, this device is engineered to be water resistant to withstand the most extreme weather conditions during use. Bring it with you when you go camping, backpacking or boating or just place it inside your emergency preparedness kit for your continued peace of mind.


Main disadvantage

One user suggests not leaving the unit on ALERT mode unless you are experiencing severe weather conditions. He says leaving the radio on ALERT mode causes quick drain on the battery. The alarm tones may even give you a fright. Besides, the radio is equipped with an automatic alert system that switches it on in the event of serious weather conditions or civil emergencies, ensuring you don’t miss anything crucial. Another thing to remember is that the volume the radio is set to is somehow tied to the volume of the actual alert. This means the alert signals low if the radio is at low volume, which may cause you to miss an advisory or alert. It is best to test the alert setting first if you don’t want to miss any warnings.

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Main features explained



Truly geared for emergencies

This model is made to be water resistant. This means you can use it under the most extreme weather conditions and it won’t die down on you just because you got it wet. It provides an effective means of staying in touch with the outside world when you go backpacking, camping or boating. This radio runs on triple-A batteries, so it will work even during a power outage or when you have no access to electricity, as when you camp in the wild. It provides simple access to emergency information. This model is expertly crafted using top quality components and built with solid-state circuitry mounted on an innovatively printed and rugged circuit board to ensure reliable, maintenance-free performance for years of use.

1.2 Midland HH50


Easy to use

This radio comes with a handy weather alert test button that enables you to confirm whether the weather alert function is working as designed at all times, even when there aren’t any live broadcasts. This pocket-sized device is easy to carry with you thanks to its handy 2-inch x 1-inch x 5-inch dimensions and 4-ounce weight. It has an automatic alert system for safety, which turns it on when dangerous weather conditions or civil emergencies occur, ensuring you don’t miss anything critical. The automatic scan function ensures that the radio will start searching out and locating the strongest weather broadcasts that can be accessed as soon as it is turned on, so you won’t have to do the searching and scanning yourself. It’s not like those complicated types of radios that require code inputs to determine where you are. Just turn it on and it provides information relevant to your area.


Reliable performance

Durable and compact, this weather radio is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you that it is made of high quality components for years of use. It offers good reception and decent audio quality. Of the seven NOAA channels, this model scans automatically for the strongest signal in your area. It also lets you manually cycle through all available channels.


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