Kaito KA500IP-RED Voyager Review

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Main advantage

With multiple power options that include an adjustable solar panel it is easy to see why consumers consider this one of the best weather radios by Kaito. It also comes with a convenient reading lamp so you are never left in the dark if the power goes out. You will also appreciate its backlit  display that makes operation a breeze.


Main disadvantage

While overall the reviews regarding this weather radio are positive some consumers have mentioned that they wished that it came with a handy ac adapter, though one can be easily purchased for a small fee.

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Main features explained



Multiple power sources

One of the first aspects you’ll notice about this weather radio is that you have the advantage of several power options. This ensures that no matter the conditions you will always be able to receive up to the minute weather and news updates. It can be powered off of batteries or connected to your computer. There is also a hand crank on the side that will provide you with enough power to hear the latest weather forecast. Thanks to the 180 degree adjustable panel you can also run the radio off of solar power. With the addition of an AC adapter you can even plug it into a compatible electric outlet.


Multiple functionality

What makes this weather radio a good value for your money is that it can be used for multiple functions. The AM/FM stations allow you to listen to your favorite tunes and radio programs, along with the latest NOAA weather alerts. There is a convenient port for charging cell phones so you can easily stay in touch with friends and family. You will also appreciate the LED light that is bright enough for you to read by. Even if the power goes out you won’t be stuck sitting in the dark with this handy weather radio.


Ease of Use

The last thing you want to do during a storm is struggle to use your emergency weather radio, and this won’t be a problem with this model by Kaito. The 7 NOAA stations are already set so you can start receiving weather alerts the minute you turn the radio on. To ensure that you don’t miss an important update the radio will sound a convenient alert.

There are three dials on the front of the radio, each clearly marked. The seven weather bands are controlled on one dial, while a separate one tunes in the AM/FM stations. Even switching between the 5 power sources is a breeze, simply turn the 3rd dial to the one you are going to use. Small indicator lights on the top will let you know when the battery needs to be charged so you can switch to a different source without losing power. It also comes with a backlit display so tuning in NOAA and radio stations is a breeze regardless of the lighting.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.98)




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