Horizons Tec HT-747 Review

Last Updated: 17.09.20


1.1 Horizons Tec HT-747

Main advantage

The Horizons Tec HT-747 is often regarded as one of the most well thought out emergency radios on the market. There are a couple of features that make this product incredibly reliable even in the worst circumstances: numerous alternative power sources, several features that help in emergency situations and unparalleled technological quality.


Main disadvantage

Though it was quite difficult to find a negative aspect of this radio (maybe the small price for the amazing features), some users have complained that the internal battery is difficult to replace, so, in case it deteriorates in time and you need to change it, you might be in need of someone who knows his way around electronic devices.

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Main features explained



Fully-equipped for emergency situations

As we previously mentioned, this is a well thought out product for emergency situations. When you receive the radio, you will also notice a number of useful features that are built into the radio. Firstly, the radio includes a USB port so that you can recharge your phone, but can also recharge other cell phones, as it includes interchangeable accessories for various phone types. Secondly, the radio has a built-in powerful 3 LED flashlight to guide your way through the dark and a pendant handle that will allow you to attach other necessary items to your radio and keep them safe. Moreover, added in the delivery package you will find an emergency situation bracelet that can function as a compass, as a magnesium based fire igniter and as a loud whistle that will make your existence known to potential saviors, if you find yourself in a critical circumstance. But, to make sure you have a way to climb up a hazardous situation, the textile bracelet can be unbraided and used as an 11 ft rope. With this great emergency kit, you can safely move near an active volcano and drink mojitos.

1.3 Horizons Tec HT-747


Various power sources alternatives

If the weather causes a power outage, your emergency radio has to be prepared with additional power sources, in this case 4 of them. This radio is well equipped to handle low light conditions. It includes a solar panel that allows it to recharge the battery it is fitted with a hand-crank generator; it supports extra batteries and it can be connected to a computer via USB. Generally, the solar panel is not as efficient as the hand-crank power generator so, in emergency cases, you should rely on the second option to recharge your radio faster.


Increased portability and ease-of-use

An emergency kit should be easy to carry with you at any time and in any circumstance. As this radio has reduced dimensions (1 inches x 6.25 inches x 2.6 inches) and weighs less than half a pound, it shouldn’t be much of an effort to take it with you in long trips or fit it in your luggage when you travel. In addition, you can easily add a band to it and put it around your neck, while you keep the emergency situations bracelet around your wrist. The product is also easily maneuvered, as it comes with a couple of controls that activate the main functions, placed on top of the radio.


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