Having a weather radio during a snow storm

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Advantages of having a weather radio during a snow storm


While kids look forward to snow storms and potential days off from school, adults know that this can also result in hazardous conditions. Blizzards and snow storms can knock down power lines and the frigid temperatures can be dangerous to be out in for extended periods of time. When high winds and heavy snow fall cause the electricity to go out, the only way to stay connected is often with a weather radio.

The weather can change in an instant, especially in some regions of the country. Sudden snow storms can create emergency conditions in seconds, and if you don’t have a weather radio you might not be prepared. Here are a few reasons why you should have a weather radio in a snow storm.

1.Having a weather radio during a snow storm


Weather Updates

Unlike traditional boom boxes that are only capable of picking up AM/FM stations, a weather radio is designed to receive broadcasts on higher frequency NOAA bands. These bands are designed to withstand almost any manmade or natural disaster and to continually send broadcasts when other stations are down. Since the high winds that often accompany snow storms won’t affect the broadcasting ability you will be able to stay up to date on the latest weather conditions.


Be Prepared

A snow storm can come up suddenly, especially in higher elevations and getting caught unprepared can quickly become life threatening. Dropping temperatures, heavy wet snow and cold winds can all result in hypothermia if you are not prepared. Weather radios are designed to issue audible alerts when storm warnings are announced, so you can have plenty of time to get ready for the wind and snow.

Campers and hikers can take advantage of the warning to find adequate shelter, which is especially important if they are in a remote location. Those at home can take the time to gather warm clothing, blankets and other supplies that they will need to comfortably ride out the winter storm.


Stay Connected

Weather radios often come with convenient chargers that are compatible with most mobile devices, so you can stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Heavy snow and ice can often bring down power lines during a storm and it can take several days to have electricity restored, especially if it is in more rural areas. Since weather radios typically run off of battery, solar or manual power, you can keep your cell phone charged even when the electricity is off for days.



A convenient feature that many weather radios have is a small built in flashlight. Snow storms generally result in power failures, at least for a short time, and being able to see in the dark is always an advantage. Hikers and campers can use the light to see their way safely around the campsite, and to avoid any fallen storm debris. The flashlight can also keep you safe at home, and the bright beam can even be used to signal rescue or search parties.


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