Hand crank weather radios and their advantages

Last Updated: 18.09.20


Advantages of a hand crank weather radio


Many people may think that with all of today’s available technology hand crank weather radios are outdated and no longer necessary. The opposite is actually true, and these compact radios could end up being one of the most important tools in the emergency kit. While the main advantage of a weather radio that is manually powered is that you don’t have to worry about batteries dying or electrical outages. There are also other benefits associated with these radios that might make you change your mind about its usefulness.

1.Hand crank weather radios and their advantages

Hand crank weather radios are generally lightweight, compact, and easily portable. This makes these radios easy to store in an emergency kit or pack with the rest of your camping gear. Some of the features that commonly come with a hand crank radio are also advantages and can include,

  • Access to NOAA weather alerts
  • Built in flashlight
  • USB charger for most mobile devices
  • Solar panels for more charging options


2.Hand crank weather radios and their advantagesSince hand crank radios can function without electricity or battery power, you never have to worry about not getting the information you need to stay safe. These radios often come with solar panels, so you can charge it during the daytime for use at night. While the hand crank on the radio is not difficult to turn, you will appreciate being able to get weather and news updates without having to continuously power it manually.

Another advantage to these weather radios is the built in flashlight. It is almost standard on most models, and it is worth paying a little extra for this convenience. The flashlight makes it easier for you to safely move around in the dark and can prevent painful trips and falls when you are trying to navigate around storm debris. USB chargers are also common and convenient features on these manually powered radios, and will help you stay in touch during emergency situations.

The main advantage to owning a hand crank weather radio is continuous access to the NOAA frequencies. These radio bands never go out during power failures, and are a constant source of information during any emergency situation. The National Weather Service uses these bands to rely storm warnings and updates, along with providing any information on any natural or manmade disasters. With over 120 offices constantly monitoring and broadcasting weather conditions, you will always be informed with a hand crank radio.



Even with all of the advances in modern technology, along with the fact that it is almost impossible not to be connected, there are still several advantages associated with owning a hand crank weather radio. Since it relies on manual and often solar power you don’t have to worry about replacing or charging the batteries, and electrical outages are never a problem. Since you aren’t constantly replacing the batteries it is also more affordable, and better for the environment. The small size is perfect for storage when not in use, and as an added benefit many of these weather radios can also pick up your favorite local AM/FM stations.


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