Freeplay Tuf Review

Last Updated: 17.09.20

1. Freeplay Tuf


Main advantage

The Freeplay Tuf Solar Crank Radio gives you a plethora of features in a small and sturdy package; the radio picks up all the radio stations you need with adequate clarity, and the LED flashlight gives ample illumination when no other sources of light are present. The device charger is a nifty addition, capable of charging low-power devices like brick phones to a full charge and certain smartphones to a quarter or half charge. If you need an emergency self-powered radio with a ton of features, the Freeplay Tuf Solar Crank Radio is a great choice.


Main disadvantage

Being made especially for emergency situations, the radio isn’t sensitive enough to reach non-local stations and may experience a noticeable amount of background noise even in local stations. Also, the device charger will not give your electronic devices too much power with just a few cranks; it’ll require possibly a few hours of strenuous cranking just to get a smartphone from 0% to 100%. In any case, while the sound quality isn’t particularly superb, if you’re only aiming for news anyway, a small amount of white noise shouldn’t be a problem.

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Main features explained



Multiple Power Sources

Crank and solar energy are amazing alternative sources of energy almost always available when AC outlets aren’t. The problem with alternative energy, however, is that while it’s perfect for low-power applications like radio and LED lights, it isn’t always the most efficient for more power-hungry applications like charging smartphones and tablets. The Freeplay Tuf Solar Crank Radio, fortunately, includes a micro USB charging option that lets you plug this directly into your computer or an adapter for an AC outlet for quicker charging. When no AC or DC power sources are available, a few minutes of crank or solar energy lets you tune into radio stations for several hours.

2. Freeplay Tuf


Simple and Intuitive Controls

Instead of having a typical rotary dial control for tuning into radio stations, the Freeplay Tuf Solar Crank Radio has soft rubber buttons that let you choose radio stations more precisely. With its simple and intuitive interface, one look at the controls immediately gives you a good idea on how to use the entire thing, without ever needing an instruction manual. The display isn’t cluttered, nor do the controls feel a little clumsy, which makes this device ideal for people who have eyesight problems or simply need to fiddle with controls on the go. For a device with so many features, simplicity in terms of design and interface is always a welcome change.


Small and Sturdy

Weighing a bit less than a pound and having almost the same footprint as a small wallet, the Freeplay Tuf Solar Crank Radio gives you an astonishing number of features stuffed in a tiny, lightweight package. What a lot of people love about this radio more than its weight and size is its sturdiness; the device almost looks like a toy that would shatter into a million pieces with a single drop, but after several months of usage, most customers have reported the device and all its features still working perfectly, with its battery’s performance virtually unchanged.


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