Eton NFR160WXB Microlink Review

Last Updated: 18.09.20

1. Eton NFR160WXB


Main advantage

The Eton weather radio gives you a ton of features that come in handy when AC power isn’t available. The radio lets you tune in to AM, FM, and NOAA Weather stations with minimal distortion; the flashlight gives you a powerful beam of light; the charger lets you charge your electronic devices, all with a few cranks or sunlight. Because of the compact size of this device, you save a lot of space for food, water, and other necessities for emergency situations. Made mostly for emergencies but not a stranger to recreation, the Eton self-powered radio does it all.


Main disadvantage

While the Eton emergency radio does contain a lot of features, high-end dedicated devices still outperform this one. For example, dedicated radios will be able to pick-up more radio stations more clearly, and dedicated flashlights will give you stronger, more focused beams of light for longer periods of time. Furthermore, devices that require much more power to charge may need a ridiculous number of cranking, making it a bad choice for large tablets or smartphones. For emergencies that really just require an ample light source, a couple of radio stations, and a power bank for a simple brick phone, however, you really can’t go wrong with this device.



This product is currently unavailable. Click here and see more details on the upgraded model



Main features explained



Green Energy

Oftentimes, disaster strikes when you’re least ready for it – that is, most of the electronic devices you need to use are at half a charge or less. The Eton self-powered radio not only lets you tune into AM, FM, and NOAA Weather stations, but it also lets you charge your devices via USB and even provide ample illumination – using only crank or solar power! With two green energy sources available, you get an indispensable backup power source for your devices while staying tuned in to the rest of the world when cellular phones fail. The internal NiMH battery could easily be replaced when it no longer retains charge.

2. Eton NFR160WXB


Value for Money

Radios that can tune in to AM, FM, and NOAA Weather stations would usually cost around a hundred dollars or more, but for around the same price, this device gives you a self-powered power bank and flashlight as well. With just around 200 cranks, you get a solid 20 minutes of power, with more cranks required for power-hungry devices like smartphones and tablets. While most radios that offer these additional features often sacrifice band reception and sound clarity, this radio gives you clear and crisp sounds from your local radio stations even in places with high electromagnetic interference. For a device that has so many features, the Eton self-powered radio gives you more than what you pay for.


Rough and Robust

Emergency situations often make people a little more reckless than usual, with electronic devices often taking more drops, hits, and spills than they’re designed to take. Fortunately, the Eton self-powered radio has tightly packed components hidden inside a durable plastic case with rubberized coating, making it resistant to a lot of shock and moisture. Because of the sturdy build and compact size of this device, you could easily stuff it in your pockets or a small messenger bag for quick use. The crank, which is usually the first thing to break in most self-powered devices, feels sturdy and is able to withstand rapid and reckless cranking.


This product is currently unavailable. Click here and see more details on the upgraded model




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