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1.3 Eton FRX5


Main advantage

Few weather radio models can prove to be as versatile as the Eton FRX5. Keeping you both informed and entertained, this unit pulls in the necessary radio channels so you always have something to listen to when in an emergency or just for general listening purposes. The unit is pretty straightforward so it is easy to use, with no steep curves to go over when it is shipped to the user. The unit has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be recharged a number of ways, so it is the perfect addition to any emergency preparedness kit. This weather radio provides multiple use so you can make the most of what you invest on it.


Main disadvantage

More than one buyer has commented that the buttons on this model can be challenging to press because of their recessed design. The buttons are black and small so it will take extra effort to identify them when it’s dark, and to press them. There’s a likelihood that you might press the wrong button when using the radio in dimly lit conditions. However, once you have gotten thoroughly familiar with the layout of the controls, this weather radio will be the best emergency weather radio on the market for its compact and small frame that enables easy placement.

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Main features explained



Keeps you entertained and informed

Able to receive NOAA weather bands along with the usual AM and FM radio stations, the Eton FRX5 proves to be a fantastic ally when disaster and emergency strike. This weather radio keeps you informed during emergencies, with its NOAA weather alerts plus the SAME technology that rarely comes in equipment within this category. Know what is coming your way via the weather alerts and be able to determine whether this applies to your location or that of your loved ones in other areas.

In addition, you won’t have to sit idly by while being bothered by your thoughts of devastation thanks to this weather radio’s ability to receive regular FM and AM channels, which gives you a sense of normalcy in the midst of catastrophe. With the Alert function on, the unit will broadcast NOAA emergency alerts for your specific area automatically, including tornadoes, hurricanes and severe storms. You can get both visual and audible alerts and set up to 25 locations to help you be better equipped to handle eventualities.

1.2 Eton FRX5


Easy to use and power up

This weather radio has a digital tuner and display that show you and let you select the settings, radio station and know the status of the battery. Lightweight at just 1.4 pounds, the weather radio powers up in any of three different ways. Use the sustainable power of the sun harnessed through the solar panel, which juices up the rechargeable power cell in approximately five hours. The unit can be cranked on its turbine to charge up its rechargeable built-in lithium power cell. You can also choose to just get disposable triple-A alkaline batteries, which are readily available at your local store.


Versatile and Reliable

The rechargeable lithium battery in the unit provides enough power to have most smartphones fully charged. The 2.1 amp, 5-volt USB output offers ultra fast charging for smartphones while also being usable for tablets, so you can make a quick call or use your portable device to search for online information even when electric power is cut off in your area. This is a tough device made splashproof for extreme conditions. This model comes with an alarm clock so you can still be on a normal schedule despite abnormal conditions due to weather disturbances.
The AUX input lets you play your own tunes for entertainment. You can plug in a pair of headphones if you want to do private listening. The long lasting LED flashlight provides bright illumination while the red emergency beacon lets you signal for help. Stay within reach of communication and the outside world with this exceptional weather radio.


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