Esky ES-CR01 Review

Last Updated: 19.09.20


Main advantage

This tiny weather radio is meant to be a life-saver in the case of an emergency and it’s fit for the job. The job description asks for a device that can help you stay informed, provide you with sufficient power and assist in contacting the outside world.

The Esky ES-CR01 is brilliant for the task as one of the best radios with charging capabilities that you can find on the market. It has three possible ways to charge and a powerful battery.

The radio and flashlight will keep going while your cell phone, or any other device you can plug into the USB, will receive their share of power.


Main disadvantage

Not all customers are satisfied with the radio features of the product. The antenna is quite important if you want to have the best reception for all radio stations.

In the case of an emergency, the antenna could break off, and it’s not a very pleasant thing to hear static while listening to vital information.

Also, the Esky ES-CR01 has no digital tuner, and that makes it less comfortable to use, as the knob is difficult to maneuver with a tight space between it and the radio body.


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Main features explained



Easy charge

The item is designed to be of great help in emergency situations, which is easily noticeable while browsing through the radio’s characteristics.

It has a 1000mAh battery, with multiple recharge options: you can use a solar panel to expose in direct sunlight, a hand crank coupled to an internal alternator or a USB port to feed it directly from your laptop, from the wall plug or even your car.

When the battery is fully charged the red light on the device will turn off. As it has both male and female USB and uses only one type of adapter you can easily charge your cell phone, an important aspect to help you avoid disagreeable incidents and keep you safe in emergency situations.

Reliable radio

The Esky-ES-CR01 pulls the NOAA weather channels that will keep you informed of hazardous situations. And if you want to listen to the AM and FM stations that broadcast your favorite music and radio shows, it’s all there.

Thanks to the good reception and well-built speaker you can enjoy a loud and clear sound. There’s no need to hide in a corner to hear the words right.

The strong battery can offer you up to 7 hours of radio programs so that you won’t miss a thing. That’s an attractive quality because you wouldn’t want your information disrupted.


Designed for outdoor

The strong flashlight, with 140 lumens LED gives you an edge whenever darkness is around you. And thanks to the low power consumption, you can use the flashlight for a long time.

Although it’s not waterproof, it has some sort of water resistant ability due to the rubbery texture of its plastic, so that light rain or moisture would shed off the device. You can put it in your emergency kit because it’s small and light.


Buy from for ($16.99)





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