ER-Radio KA600 Review

Last Updated: 17.09.20


1.2 KA600 BLACK Solar


Main advantage

The KA600 from ER-Radio is one of the best alternatives that money can buy. The unit is more than capable of doing what it is supposed to do, as attested by the countless positive reviews it has gathered over time. This model comes with everything a prospective buyer might require and is probably the most versatile one in the line.


Main disadvantage

Some of the consumer ratings we have consulted point out that the unit might be a little disappointing when it comes to battery life, particularly when alternative power sources are used. However, even these buyers have reported that this downfall is not a deal-breaker.

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Main features explained



Excellent capabilities

Buying a weather radio should be a major investment for people living in areas prone to natural disasters. Your radio should be able to broadcast both AM/FM and NOAA bands. Fortunately, this is the exact case of the KA600 model, as it is more than capable of performing this task. Some have named it the perfect unit for emergencies and disasters.

Unlike other products in the same line, the KA600 is equipped with a special feature that allows it to receive the alert signal at the exact moment when a disaster strikes. The package includes a retractable reel FM/Shortwave antenna that has been proven to significantly improve the reception of these two bands.

Some of the reviews we came across underline the fact that this weather emergency unit can be used as a regular radio just as well, particularly when the user is located in a rural area. It provides great company for individuals who work outdoors.

1.1 KA600 BLACK Solar

Versatility and convenience

One of the crucial considerations when it comes to buying the right kind of emergency radio is a vast array of power sources. Battery-operated models do their jobs wonderfully, but what if you accidentally forget to bring some batteries with you? When you’re focusing on saving your family from a hazard, one of the few things that can cross your mind is finding out what the world is up to.

The KA600 is uniquely versatile, as it can be charged with virtually any type of energy that one has available at any given moment. It can be powered using 5 different sources: an AC/DC adapter, AA batteries, a USB port connected to a computer, a hand crank, and a solar panel.

Moreover, the unit can be utilized as an LED flashlight, a thermometer, and a humidity meter. If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is.



While some online marketplaces sell it for close to one hundred and fifty dollars, Amazon offers the KA600 model at a more reasonable price. Some people might even be as lucky as buy it for less than one hundred dollars.

It goes without saying that, in the absence of a weather danger, no one considers spending too much money on an emergency alert radio. Nevertheless, when something bad does happen, you will probably be needing a fully capable model that you can use to find out if any hazard risks happening again. This one is well-worth the money and the reputation it has built ever since it has been launched on the market.


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