Epica Emergency Radio Review

Last Updated: 08.08.22

1.1 Epica Emergency


Main advantage

The Epica Emergency Radio is one of the most versatile and reliable alternatives that are available on the market today. This product comes with all the features a user might ever require, from different power sources to multi-band reception.

It’s the safest way of making sure that you and your family will be able to communicate with the rest of the world in the event of a disaster. People living in areas prone to hazards are likely to benefit from using this device.


Main disadvantage

Even though the vast majority of the reviews gathered by this model are positive and praise its characteristics and specs, there have been some consumers who have reported some minor issues.

It seems that the unit could have been even more useful if only it came with a small compartment for charging cords and USB plugs as well as an internal battery level indicator so users know just how much cranking to use. These two details are no deal-breakers, however, as the buyers who have indicated them state they would buy the radio again if they had the chance.

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Main features explained



Different power sources

One of the neat thing about getting and using this model is that it can be charged via three different power sources. For one, it can be utilized thanks to its Ni-MH batteries. Secondly, one minute of hand cranking recharges the device for 20 minutes. Furthermore, the unit can take advantage of sunlight on account of its large solar collection panel, which allows to take in as much power as it requires.

The pack includes two cords, one for USB and the other for DC, in case users want to charge the Epica Emergency Radio via a computer or an AC. The battery life of this alternative has been tested and proved to last for three years if it is being used for three hours per day.

1.2 Epica Emergency


Convenient functionalities

It goes without saying that an emergency radio is pretty useless if it is not capable of getting news and weather reports as well as emergency instructions from any radio stations within the area the user is located. Fortunately for the people who are still prospecting the market and considering to buy this alternative, the Epica Emergency Radio is more than able to detect 7 channels of weather alerts from NOAA, as well as any regular AM/FM station broadcasting locally.

The speaker has been specially developed so that it offers crystal clear data related to emergencies, even when the user is in a potentially noisy environment.



While some online marketplaces sell it for close to one hundred dollars, we have found that this model can be purchased on Amazon at a much fairer price. Granted, emergency radios aren’t the most expensive devices in the world, but a good, dependable one can oftentimes be anything but inexpensive. Epica engineers did a good job at combining convenience and affordability into a single life-saving device.

Thanks to its features, the Epica is among the most esteemed economical weather radios out there, particularly since it comes with 3 output adaptors which can be used for charging various mobile devices.


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