C. Crane CCRadio-2E Review

Last Updated: 24.06.22

Main advantage

This product is designed to be as portable as possible, without giving up any function that could make the difference when it comes to emergency situations. The highlight of this model has to be its extensive reception, and its versatility when it comes to radio bands. It works with AM and FM frequencies, so you can have access to all the life-saving information you need.


Main disadvantage

All the highest standards have been met by this product, and there’s almost no chance that it will disappoint you. That being said, one customer did reveal that sometimes, especially when you’re driving on a bumpy road, there’s an intermittent buzzing, but which can be fixed by adjusting the frequency.

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Main features explained



Efficiency at its best

An excellent quality product shouldn’t be just a great radio, but also offer to its users something extra on the side, which will make it a pleasure to be used at all times. While it should help you have easy access to information, it should also help you in a way that will allow you to stay connected to your community.
And this is where this nifty product steps in to save the day. Besides the built in Twin-Coil antenna, it also packs a 2-meter ham band, which can help you communicate with the people around you, as that band was historically used by amateurs in closed communities.

Portability while on the run

When you pack your bags to go camping, or when you find yourself in a situation which requires the use of such a versatile item, you’re going to thank this model for being so light and compact, and that it has so many tools in just one tiny body. Since it’s very efficient on its own, you won’t have to make other separated buys, and to overload your backpack.
Not only will it allow you to get NOAA government issued alerts on the embedded weather band, but since it can fit in most backpacks, you can even take it to hikes with you, so you’ll be prepared in case of an avalanche or another natural disaster of this kind.


Ready, set, go

Speaking of handy features that add extra value to the radio, one thing that most customers appreciate about this model is the always-on-display clock, which can be quite useful when you lose track of time. And the display has a backlight, which is great for nighttime visibility.
If you have a hard time waking up by yourself in the morning, the item also comes with a loud alarm clock. And if you are someone who loves a good pair of quality headphones, the radio has a jack that can deliver crystal clear sound to your ears.


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