C Crane CC Skywave Review

Last Updated: 25.06.22


Main advantage

This travel weather radio uses the new Silicon Labs Si 4736 DSP chip so it offers the best AM performance you can get on a radio of such small size.

The excellent AM reception is enhanced by its strong ability to reduce signal interference, hence the great, clear sound you will get from the tiny speaker.

The exceptional AM quality and good performance on FM and SW are accompanied by solid tuning knob and keypad controls, a convenience worth noting if you plan to use the item for a long time.  


Main disadvantage

The backlit display isn’t made to stay on; it has a timer that puts it off after ten seconds and then it only comes back on when operating the buttons or the tuning wheel.

Some customers mention that the keypad function doesn’t respond very fast, so you have to press a bit harder to make sure that the key is active.   

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Main features explained



Small, lightweight, and easily portable

This clock radio with alarm is perfectly designed to fit into the small crevices of your luggage, or simply keep it your palm.

That is just what you need when you say you want to travel light, so just drop the small travel radio in your backpack, and you can stay tuned and not miss a thing. Take it with you anywhere you go to enjoy music and news broadcast.

Display & Presets

The digital LCD display is backlit, and it enables you to read it with ease even if you’re right next to it. You can toggle the display between frequency and time whenever you feel like, or you can select any of them to show up on the default screen.

The C Crane CC Skywave has over 400 memory presets possible with direct entry keypad, so that you can customize it according to your needs and preferences, from wake-up time to favorite radio stations. Presets make it easier to navigate through the varied choice of radio stations.


Auto scan tuning and signal meter

The radio’s signal meter is helpful and cool, and while there’s no LW, the AM, FM, SW, Airband and NOAA Weather should provide you with an extensive range of radio stations you can choose from and a strong reason to put the auto scan to use.

The Aviation/Airband is a new feature that allows you to eavesdrop on traffic controllers in your vicinity and gather interesting information or find out whether your plane is on schedule.



This small unit runs up to 60-70 h with only two AA batteries, which is a great performance all in all.

In addition, this model can be powered by an optional AC adapter, or, if you’re using Ni-MH batteries, it can be recharged using the USB port from a computer.

Charging with an USB cable doesn’t affect the receiving of the AM, FM, Air Band and NOAA stations, so you can listen to them even when you power the unit. The shortwave is best to listen on batteries.


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