C. Crane CC Review

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Main advantage

The C. Crane radio is well-known and well-loved because of its unmatched and unparalleled reception of AM, FM, and NOAA Weather bands; it could even pick up certain non-local stations! For local stations, the sounds that come out are clear and contain very little background noise. The built-in speakers produce loud and crisp sounds enough to broadcast news clearly in a large room. For music, however, the earbuds allow you to hear the instruments and voices more clearly because of the balanced sounds. With this radio, you won’t miss a word or beat.


Main disadvantage

The only complaint most users have about this device is that it only runs on two AA batteries. Nowadays, people prefer directly plugging in their devices to charge and to use, and with AA batteries being the only source of power of this radio, you’d have to purchase four rechargeable AA batteries, switching up batteries for continuous use. On the other hand, the best part about this is that you could easily bring a lot of AA batteries with you and quickly switch packs when you don’t have a power supply nearby.

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Main features explained



Unmatched Reception

The C. Crane radio picks up more channels than most radios in the same price range would, with surprising clarity, to say the least. For the AM band, it picks up local stations well and with very little background noise. For stations that are farther away, expect a more prominent background noise (which is still much better than not receiving anything at all). For the FM band, the radio is quite sensitive, with distortion kept to a minimum for crisp, clear sounds. As for the weather band, the device outperforms most of the competing radios out there, with sounds coming out clear and clean.

1. C. Crane CC Pocket


Clear and Balanced Sounds

No matter how well a radio picks up a certain band of frequencies, if the speakers or audio output are poorly built, the sounds will be distorted, unbalanced, and unpleasant. The C. Crane radio, fortunately, boasts clear and balanced sounds coming out from the surprisingly small built-in speaker or earbuds. Sounds emitted remain clear and contain very little distortion even as you go louder. Music works best with the included earbuds, whereas speech works well from both the speakers and the earbuds. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the audio output of the C. Crane radio.


Excellent Build Quality

The point of buying a radio that can pick up weather bands is that you can still stay in touch with the world when disaster strikes. This means that the radio should at least stay alive in less-than-ideal situations. Fortunately, the C. Crane radio has rubber coating on the sides to help keep it intact when dropped, while providing a little resistance to moisture. The physical buttons are responsive and appear to be water resistant. While the device’s body does look a bit flimsy, it’s actually made of a tough material built to withstand several accidental drops and bumps.


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