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Last Updated: 18.08.19


Top rated weather wrist watches in 2019


If you want the best weather wrist watch, but you have no time to waste, we have you covered. After analyzing sales data, reports from users and feedback from buyers, we noticed that the product receiving most of the highest praises is the Suunto Traverse. This rugged looking wrist watch can help you predict weather and find your way when you go camping and hiking. Its weather sensor is dependable, and it will let you know when a storm is brewing, leaving you enough time to find shelter and protect yourself against extreme weather changes. The breadcrumb feature allows you to trace back your route. Another great thing about it is that it let you upload routes and follow them for worry-free camping experiences. Should the Suunto Traverse no longer be in stock, the Casio Men’s Pathfinder comes as a second best you can buy.


The top features of a quality weather wrist watch

Would you like being able to tell the weather by only looking at your watch? There is nothing better than a weather wrist watch that helps you with essential information, especially when you go camping or hiking. Getting lost in the woods is on no one’s priority list and getting drenched by a sudden thunderstorm is not either. Here are some great recommendations for getting the best weather watch for your needs.


Storm alerts

Weather wrist watches are especially useful when you embark on an adventure to the great outdoors. You will be able to enjoy your vacation if you have a reliable companion by your side. The best weather wrist watch reviews highly recommend getting a model capable of sending storm alerts when the weather begins to change. This feature is based on a built-in barometer that helps you gauge all weather changes and instantly sends you alerts regarding a storm in the making.

GPS unit must be incorporated in the watch

A watch that can tell you the weather is nice to have, but if it comes with a GPS unit, as well, it increases its usability. Finding your way around can be tricky when you go off the beaten path, and this is where your wrist watch comes to the rescue. Get a model with as many functionalities as possible; for instance, it should allow you to upload routes, or use the breadcrumb feature to retrace your steps.


Rugged construction

While you are browsing through the models available for sale, you will notice that some watches are better than others, and the difference lies in the overall construction. The best watch for cold weather should have a rugged construction that will not allow it to break and get damaged due to various mishaps that are impossible to avoid when you are camping or hiking.


Our top choices


If you are here for the best weather wrist watches, here is a list of the most popular models at the moment. You will not be disappointed with either of them, as they are selected based on customer satisfaction ratings and overall excellent performance.



Suunto Traverse


If you like camping, hiking and finding new routes, what you need more than anything is an apt companion to give you essential input regarding your location and weather evolution. The Suunto Traverse is one such companion, as it combines ease of use with excellent performance and a rugged construction that will not let you down when the going gets tough.

The GPS unit that is incorporated in your weather watch will help you discover new ways of reaching your destinations or simply exploring. You can upload routes to the watch memory and follow them, without fear that you might get lost in the woods.

Even more, the watch is capable of following your progress and will give you valuable information on distance and altitude. You will be able to save interesting locations and go back on your route so you can tell where you have already been.

Let’s not forget that this is a weather wrist watch we are talking about. You will get storm alerts when the weather worsens, giving you time to take cover, and the barometric trend contributes with reliable information. Data on daylight hours and other extras are also provided.

Buy from for ($419)




Casio Men’s Pathfinder


The name of this model is faithful to the actual functionality it offers. The Casio Men’s Pathfinder will indeed help you find your way, due to the many features it comes along with.

The triple sensor installed inside the watch will provide you information on your altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature. Also, the wrist can be used as a compass, allowing you to find your way around with great ease.

This wrist watch is a good choice for low temperatures because it is built to deal with such conditions.

The backlit screen will let you read the information displayed even after dark. The watch will give you information of world time for 31 different zones and 48 cities, city codes, and the possibility to switch on or off daylight saving information.

You can use it for programming up to 5 different alarms. The stainless steel case is durable and the mineral dial window is rugged and resilient, as well. This water resistant weather watch will help you predict the weather, and it will not let you down when weather conditions get worse.

Buy from for ($160.72)




Casio Men’s SGW300HB-3AVCF


The Casio Men’s SGW300HB-3AVCF is another nice choice if you want a weather wrist watch to help you during your trips while looking beautiful on your arm.

This sports watch does not only look the act but follows it, too, and it helps you with information on the weather so you can tell whether it is safe to continue your trip or find shelter. This watch is, at the same time, an altimeter, a barometer, and a thermometer.

Even as a watch, it performs better than you might expect. The model will give you the world time, and you will be able to use it as a countdown timer. You can choose from 12 and 24-hour formats, depending on your preferences.

The model is water resistant for up to 100 m, something to keep in mind when you go swimming or snorkeling. Remember, though, that this wrist watch is not a good choice for scuba diving.

The sporty look of this watch recommends it. The resin case is resistant to breakage, and the digital display is easy to read even after dark, due to its LED light. The mineral crystal window protects the mechanism inside so that you can enjoy a reliable product.

Buy from for ($46.32)




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