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Top rated survival tents


If you are determined to find the best survival tent available, but you are running short on time, and you cannot do the necessary research on the topic, we’ve got you covered. After doing the groundwork on your behalf by reading what the experts had to say on the issue, we have determined that the SharpSurvival Emergency is the choice that you should consider getting. This option is light in weight, and it was made of a thermal material that can reflect 90% of the body’s heat. So, it can keep you warm and protected from the elements. What is more, this item is also waterproof and windproof and, according to the seller, it can be assembled in a matter of minutes. If this product happens to be unavailable, feel free to take a good look at the Grizzly Gear Thermal Reflective as it has also received great reviews from those that have tried it.


The top features of a survival tent


Shopping for an emergency survival tent is not a task without its challenges. If you are an inexperienced customer that does not know much about the subject, this following buying guide can help you understand what features are considered essential when purchasing a product of this kind.


Lightweight and easy to set up

As previous buyers have argued, a good survival tent has to be light in weight. The main advantage of models that are lightweight is that they are effortless to transport. It should be noted that the units that are lighter tend to cost more than the regular models. Still, this is a feature that the experts say is worth paying for.

Apart from being light, a quality tent should also be easy to set up. According to survival tent reviews, the unit that you decide to order should not take a lot to erect, as you are likely to have no time to follow complicated instructions in order to install it.



One of the biggest issues you might have to deal with when trying your best to survive outdoors is getting soaked and being unable to change. To avoid this problem that can lead to hypothermia, it is best that you opt for a military survival tent that is waterproof.

To make sure that you have selected the right model, it is recommendable to check that the particular tent that you like has a waterproof rating of at least 1000mm, a two-layer construction, and a high denier floor.


Double wall vs. single wall units

Although single wall models are lighter and faster to set up, it is worth knowing that they have issues when it comes to trapping body heat. Also, they allow for condensation to build up and they are not particularly good at keeping you sheltered from the rain.

Because of this, you might want to invest in a double wall tent. These products can prevent condensation buildup, they offer a high level of protection from the elements, and they often come supplied with vestibules where you can keep your gear.


Our top choices


No matter if you want to get a cheap survival tent, or a more expensive alternative, to help you select a durable product, we have prepared a list of options that you should consider before making up your mind.



SharpSurvival Emergency 


If you are interested in a lightweight option that is effortless to carry around, take a good look at this model sold by SharpSurvival. The tent is light in weight and, because it is made of thermal material, it is said to be able to keep you warm as it can reflect up to 90% of the user’s body heat.

On top of that, this choice is windproof and waterproof. Another feature that makes it worthy of your attention is that this tent is reusable. Also, the unit is easy to pack, and it is considered compact and effortless to transport while traveling or in an emergency situation.

Because of its simple design, to set it up, you only need a couple of minutes. No tools are necessary when doing so. Given that this option measures 8’ X 5’, it is sizeable enough to accommodate two adults.

Previous buyers have argued that the tent can supply one with the necessary protection in case of bad weather.


Buy from for ($9.99)




Grizzly Gear Thermal Reflective 


This model sold by Grizzly Gear is another alternative that you should keep in mind. This thermal tent is wind-resistant, and it was designed to meet your needs and to provide the necessary protection, no matter the weather.

Because of its heat retention thermal capabilities, the product can help prevent hypothermia, and it can help you survive emergencies. What is more, this unit was made of a sturdy insulating mylar material that was constructed by NASA for space exploration. It can retain up to 90% of body heat.

This option is versatile and light in weight and, therefore, quite comfortable to have around when hiking and backpacking. It can be installed in two minutes. The cord that you need to do so is included in the price. The item measures 8′ x 3′ and it is regarded as large enough to accommodate two adults at once.

According to the seller, this product functions as a thermal shelter for emergencies, a water collector, a signaling device, and as a sleeping bag.


Buy from for ($9.75)




River Country Trekking Pole 


If you want to purchase a regular tent that is light in weight and that can be used in case of emergency situations, this might be the unit for you. This choice is simple to set up and, because of its dimensions, you can add it into your survival backpack.

The item is 7 feet long and over 5 feet wide, and it measures 42 inches in height. Consequently, it is roomy enough to be used by two people. All interested buyers should keep in mind that the model does not come provided with the necessary trekking poles.

The item does come supplied with eight aluminum stakes and a practical carrying bag. Different stakes that are lighter can be purchased independently from the same manufacturer.

In total, the model weighs 2 lb 12 oz. The door of the unit is made of two layers. The inside mesh layer can be zipped to keep the insects out. The outer door can be kept open for extra ventilation.


Buy from for ($51.95)




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