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Last Updated: 09.08.22


Top rated survival shelters


If you want to find what the best survival shelter is, but you don’t have the time to read the entirety of our article, this short paragraph will tell which product is worthy of your time and money. After prospecting the market and looking at product popularity, consumer reviews, and surveys, we have concluded that the unit to get is the S.O.L Emergency Shelter Kit. This nifty kit contains a heavy-duty heat-reflective blanket and ultra C stakes. The shelter reflects 90% of your body heat back to you, keeping you warm even during a long and cold night. You can use it to build a lean-to that will keep out the rain, wind, and snow when you set it up using the included instructions. If you are unable to find our first choice available for sale but you still want to get a good survival shelter, we recommend you consider the SE ET3683 instead.


The top features of a survival shelter


Finding cheap survival shelters that come with all the features an outdoor enthusiast requires can be difficult. Proper research is mandatory, which is why we dug through the most popular survival shelters reviews to identify the key features and to help you get a product that is practical and easy to use.


Easy setup and weight

Survival is all about time, every second counts which is why elaborate shelters that can take from 15 to 30 minutes just to set up should be out of the question. The easier an option is to erect, the better. The ability to set up a shelter in just a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

The weight is also significant since most of the time you will be forced to carry your survival shelter around wherever you go. In backpacking and survival conditions, every ounce matters, which is why you should get a portable shelter that won’t weigh you down.



Getting an option that can handle even the most extreme environments is a no-brainer, and the good thing is that today’s fabrics are much more durable. Most shelters nowadays feature materials that don’t rip or tear easily, yet some tents are tougher than others.

Rain protection is a feature that is equally important. The shelter should have a rain fly or a waterproof wall at the bare minimum. When you are out in the wild, the last thing you want is to get trapped in a wet and soggy tent that has rain coming in through holes.


Shape and color

As far as shape goes, you can choose any model that you like if you go trekking in low altitude environments. If you plan on camping in a high-altitude area, then you should opt for a tent that is very low-profile and aerodynamic.

Finally, the color of the tent depends on your purpose. If you want to stay hidden and camouflaged, you should choose a color that blends very well with your immediate surroundings. Go for bright orange shelters if you want to be seen and have a higher chance of being rescued.


Our top choices


If you haven’t yet decided on which model to pick, we believe that our list of critically-acclaimed survival shelters will help you decide. Take a quick look below if you want to see more.



S.O.L Emergency Shelter Kit 


If you are a backpacker, or maybe you just like being prepared, the S.O.L alternative offers a perfect emergency pack that is easy to use and that provides complete protection from the elements. The rigging kit is fully stocked with a 90% heat-reflective heavy-duty blanket that is 2.5 times thicker than the other survival blankets from S.O.L.

You also get a long cord, four glow-in-the-dark micro-tensioners, and four durable ultra-C aluminum stakes. There’s no need to worry that you will have difficulties in setting this shelter up, in the package you will find a very easy-to-understand guide that will help you learn how to quickly and effectively rig your emergency shelter.

What’s more, since this is an ultra-light kit, the entire thing weighs under 8 ounces which means that you will be able to carry all the elements of the shelter in a backpack without having to sacrifice space for your other equipment.


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SE ET3683 


The SE tent is an excellent addition to your gear for camping, hunting, climbing, boating, survival, emergency kits and more. It is a truly versatile model that is capable of keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable in all weather conditions and environments. Apart from its purpose as a shelter, it can also be used as an emergency blanket, ground cover, and more.

The tenth has a base length of 82 inches and a base width of 36 inches so that you have more than enough space to feel comfortable and protected. The entire kit weighs only 1.6 pounds which makes it highly compact and easy to carry in a backpack.

The package contains 23 feet of rope, four 9-inch zinc-plated carbon steel tent pegs, and a high-quality orange-colored blanked.

The blanket is nonwoven and orange-colored, and it has an aluminum coating on the interior side for extra warmth during the cold winter nights. As a plus, the material is waterproof and tear-resistant.


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UST Tube Tarp 


The ultra-light and versatile Tube Tarp can be used as a sleeping tent, a ground cloth, an all-weather tarp to protect your gear, and even as thermal protection in case of emergencies.

With the use of a simple hidden zipper, you can transform the tarp into a tube-shaped, one-person sleeping tent that can provide protection from both the damp ground below and the harsh weather above.

Ease of use is a focus of the UST model, and it is designed to convert very quickly with the help of the included guy lines, steel stakes, and the very easy-to-follow instruction manual. The reverse side is aluminized to ensure increased thermal insulation, but you can also use it as a signaling device in the case of an emergency.

The entire package weighs only 1.75 pounds, and when erected as a tent, it measures 39 x 84 x 35 inches. Setting the shelter up takes only a few minutes when following the instructions, and when you are done with it, you can pack it down in the included stuff sack.


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