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Last Updated: 25.06.22


Top rated survival canteens


If you’ve been looking for the best survival canteen out there and you haven’t managed to make up your mind yet, then it’s a good thing you’re reading this article. After going through dozens of surveys, social media reactions, as well as survival canteen reviews, we came to the conclusion that the model you should have your eyes set on is the Pinty G.I Army. Since this is a military issue water canteen, you can rest assured that it will serve you whenever you need it the most. It is made out of durable stainless steel, and it can withstand even the harshest weather and conditions. If the Pinty G.I. Army is no longer available, another item you might want to take into account is the G.A.K. G.I Style with Cover.



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The top features of a survival canteen


Cheap survival canteens are aplenty, but which one should you get? We have created a comprehensive guide that can take you through all of the aspects that you ought to mull over when you’re in the market for such a product. Check it out below.

What is the capacity?

Always start with the capacity if you’re worried about not having enough water, tea, or soup, or anything else that you might want to carry using your brand new canteen. The truth is that most people drink different amounts of water within a day. Children will drink less water than adults, and the same goes for people who are heavier compared to slimmer individuals.

If this is the first expedition you’re going on, we would suggest trying to analyze your water-drinking habits over the course of at least a week prior to leaving your home.


What is the item made of?

Good survival canteens are capable of withstanding a good amount of time, which in turn means that you are going to be able to use them for the foreseeable future. Such models are usually crafted from stainless steel. Not only is this material resistant to a lot of factors, but it’s also safe to use since it doesn’t leak any chemicals into your water.

On the other hand, plastic canteens are less safer, especially if you plan to take your kids with you camping, for example. If you make the mistake of leaving the canteen in the sun, you need to know that the plastic will leak phthalates into your liquid, and these chemicals are carcinogenic.

Look for information regarding the material that the product you are considering is made out of.



From the many units available for sale these days, the ones that seem to impress customers the most are those that boast an ergonomic design and are easy to use. That means that their lid should be leakproof and that they should be held in one’s hand comfortably and effectively.


Our top choices


We can’t make the decision for you, so we thought we might at least showcase some of our favorite options below. Check them out if you have the time. After all, they’ve received plenty of favorable consumer ratings.



Pinty G.I Army


Probably the neatest thing about this product is that it is made of durable stainless steel. So, on the one hand, you have the advantage of using the same item time and again because it will last longer.

On the other hand, there’s nothing you should worry about in terms of your health and safety as stainless steel doesn’t contaminate water with anything.

The product comes with a cup and belt included, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to keep these two in a compartment of your backpack.

The cup can be fitted to the bottom of the metal canteen as it fits along it. Having been made of resilient material, too, you can use the cup to cook your meals if you don’t want to carry cookware with you.

The one-quart capacity of this choice makes it a good alternative for a single individual. Get this product if you’re looking for a durable and convenient canteen to take on your adventures.


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G.A.K. G.I Style with Cover


This item is quite similar to that we’ve showcased by the brand Pinty. It comes with a one-quart capacity, so it should be enough for one person.

What’s more, the product comes accompanied by a cup that has been fitted with a butterfly handle. So, even if your beverage of choice is pretty hot, you won’t have to burn your fingers as you sip it.

A canteen cover is also supplied in the box, and you can utilize it if you want to expand the life expectancy of the product.

After all, this is pretty much the only way you can ensure that it won’t become scratched or that no bumps will affect it in the long run.The lid is equipped with a rubber piece at the top so that the canteen is water-tight.

There’s no washer on it, though. It’s also worth noting that this drinking device is single-walled to be as lightweight as possible.


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Rothco Woodland Camouflage


If what you’re in the market for is a super basic canteen that can hold up around twenty-five ounces of liquid, then you’re in luck because it sure looks like the one by Rothco can fit the bill.

Of course, with this alternative, you do not have the freedom to attach it to your belt as would be the case with some of the other units we’ve showcased in our selection.

Even so, the model does come with an adjustable shoulder strap whose length you can customize depending on your personal preferences and your body.

There’s a twist-off cap that you will use each time you want to drink from the canteen, but best of all, it comes with a line that’s attached to the main unit so that the cap doesn’t end up on the floor.

Some of those who have purchased this product note that the liquids don’t remain hot for a long while when kept inside the canteen.


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