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Top rated survival blankets


If you are set on getting the best survival blanket for the money, but you lack the time to do the research, we are here to lend you a hand. After assessing the market by reading reviews and analyzing the experts’ opinions, we have determined that the Swiss Safe Emergency is the item that you should invest in. This blanket has a compact design, and it is highly durable. As a plus, it is quite warm as it can retain up to 90% of your body’s heat. It can be used in emergency survival situations as well as for hiking, camping or other similar outdoor activities. The choice is non-toxic and completely reusable. According to the seller, this option is both windproof and waterproof. If this product happens to be unavailable, take a look at the Primacare HB-10 as it might also suit your needs.


The top features of a survival blanket


We know that shopping for a survival thermal blanket is not an easy task. Because we want to be of assistance to you, we have prepared a list of features that you should consider before placing any orders.



One of the essential aspects that you should consider before you make up your mind is the material that was used when making the product. At first, you might feel tempted to opt for a mylar survival blanket, as these units are light in weight and not very expensive.

However, it has been noted that these items tend to break fairly easily. A similar but more durable alternative are those constructed from an aluminized tarp.

Next, there are those blankets made of wool. According to survival blanket reviews, these products are fire-resistant and highly breathable. They also tend to be heavier and bulkier, and they can cost a pretty penny if you decide to purchase one made of high-quality wool.

Finally, there are those blankets manufactured from polar fleece. These items are warm, lightweight and not necessarily bulky. On top of that, they can come with a reflective layer, and they are wind-resistant and waterproof.


Length and weight

In general, a survival reflect blanket measures approximately 82 or 84 inches in length and 52 and 54 inches in width. Your decision to purchase a specific model should be made after you have assessed your preferences and needs. As a consequence, the product that you decide to get might not meet these precise measurements.

When it comes to the weight of the option, keep in mind that a standard blanket weighs between two and six ounces, depending on the material that was used when making it. Moreover, the material also influences the volume of the blanket. If you happen to be short on space and you need a unit that is highly compact, it might be a great idea to invest in a model made of mylar.


Thermal efficiency

A good survival blanket should be able to keep you warm enough so that you won’t suffer from hypothermia. Because of this, you should get a product that can retain the heat that your body makes. What is more, the selected model should also be breathable so that you won’t sweat too much when using it.


Our top choices


After assessing the market, we have created a short but inclusive list of products that have received positive reviews so far.



Swiss Safe Emergency 


If you need a model that can be used for outdoor survival and for other activities such as hiking, camping or emergency first aid, this is the unit that you should consider getting. This aluminized dual-sided thermal blanket is capable of keeping you warm at all times and in all environments as it was designed to retain up to 90% of one’s body heat.

Even more so, this option is windproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof and, therefore, it can keep you protected no matter the weather. As the seller has remarked, this blanket can also be used as a sleeping bag liner and as a ground cover or to prevent hypothermia in extreme weather conditions.

Size-wise, this model is 52″ x 82″, and it has an approximate thickness of 12 μm. Because the product is highly compact, it can fit in one’s pocket. It can make a great addition to your survival pack. As a plus, previous buyers of the item had positive things to say about its overall quality and performance.


Buy from for ($14.99)




Primacare HB-10 


Another alternative that you should keep in mind is this unit distributed by Primacare. This model is waterproof and windproof and, therefore, a great addition to your survival backpack. What is more, this choice is made of mylar and, consequently, it is quite light in weight.

The option is 84″ wide and 52″ long, and it can keep you dry and cozy as it can retain the heat that your body produces. When shipped, you will receive not one, but ten individually packed blankets that you can use whenever necessary. They can also be utilized when hiking or when camping with your family and loved ones.

Because they are light in weight and durable, these blankets are definitely worthy of your attention. As the seller argues, this product is also used by emergency response personnel, which is a reason why some recommend them.

One previous customer has pointed out that, differently from other models, these blankets are rather thin, and, therefore, prone to tearing. Not all users agree.


Buy from for ($9.73)




UST Survival 2.0 


If you are in the market for a durable option that can be used for years on end, be sure to add the UST Survival 2.0 to your list. This choice is quite large as it measures 60” L x 83” W, and it has a total weight of 13.6 oz.

Given its versatile design, this model can also be utilized as a lean-to shelter by lashing ropes through its built-in grommets. Plus, this option is windproof and waterproof. Another feature that recommends it is the fact that it has a three-ply construction of metalized polyester, polyethylene, and a reinforced fabric.

Because of its compact design, this unit can be easily carried in a survival pack or as part of your emergency kit. According to some of its owners, the reflective surface of the blanket can be efficiently used for emergency signaling.

The seller of the product has made a name for itself by creating numerous products that can be used for camping and emergencies.


Buy from for ($19.71)



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