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Top rated survival axes


When you’re looking for the fastest solution to find the best survival axe, checking out our buying guide and product recommendations might be the way to go. Our team has analyzed numerous survival axes reviews and brings forward this well-documented article to help you on your path. Our findings show that the first product to take into consideration is the Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002070, due to its many useful functions. For example, it features a 3.5-inch blade that will allow you to make swift, precise cuts. A high carbon steel construction offers high durability and a long lifespan for this item. Last but not least, its ergonomic non-slip rubber handle gives the user a secure grip regardless of the weather conditions. Should this model be unavailable, we strongly suggest you check out the Schrade SCAXE10 Hatchet as an excellent second choice.

The top features of a survival axe


If you’re looking for a good survival axe, you might not know exactly which features are the ones that truly make a difference. To help you with this decision which will significantly influence the entirety of your survival gear, we’ve put together a complete buying guide filled with useful information and advice.


Dimensions and build

When it comes to this type of gear, it’s crucial to mention that you’re going to be traveling a lot with it or you’ll need to keep it handy so carrying it regularly will become mandatory. This aspect means that you need to avoid uncomfortable designs that can hinder your movements.

Look for a slightly small-sized model, but make sure it has a sturdy build, and the reduced size does not affect its performance in any way. If possible, try to find a carbon steel structure or anything similar that will offer the same durability.


Accessibility and comfort

About having to wear the axe regularly, you better seek that one item that comes with a reliable system of connecting itself to the equipment that you will be wearing, such as a belt sheath.

Being able to get a grip on it immediately and being efficient when using the product isn’t quite the same thing. If you’ve got the accessibility settled, you should now concern yourself with other design issues.

Among the countless alternatives available for sale, try to find the ones that have a comfortable handle and that do not cause fatigue after a half hour worth of using them.

Whether it’s a rubber coated handle or other design solutions, make sure you find the one that suits you best and that you’re comfortable using your gear.


Looks and other aspects

If you’ve managed to narrow your search down to a few items that have all the characteristics that you consider to be essential, then you’re free to think about other aspects that might be important. Try to study the design, the price, whether or not there’s a warranty from the manufacturer and many more.

We recommend that you do not go out on a limb to buy the most good-looking axe because this is not what your search is about. Stick to finding a reliable and durable item with an ergonomic design that’s safe and easy to use.


Our top choices


When browsing the market for a cheap survival axe, you might have some trouble finding an alternative that has an attractive price but also offers those characteristics that make it a great product. We’ve handpicked a few of our favorite options and showcased them in this list below to help you get some perspective.



Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002070


This model features a 3.5-inch blade that will allow its user to make swift, precise cuts, not only to take apart specific sections of a target. It also offers easy portability due to its reduced dimensions and ergonomic design.

Its high carbon steel construction offers the perspective of a long lifespan, given that the solid construction of this axe and the high carbon steel used in the manufacturing process make it very durable.

A non-slip rubber handle is added to the design to give the user a more secure grip and prevent the model from slipping out of their hand even if the environment is slightly wet. The ergonomic design also helps offer the customer the comfort they seek and it also prevents fatigue.

Belt loops have been added for accessibility and to make it easier to carry this piece of equipment.

Along with a mildew-resistant nylon sheath, this is what makes this alternative so reliable and well-rated. Also, the price is affordable for an essential piece of outdoor equipment such as this.

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Schrade SCAXE10 Hatchet


This one is a slightly oversized model, featuring an 11-inch long blade that’s 3.6 inches wide and with a weight of approximately 5.9 ounces, making this product somewhat more challenging to carry around.

Perhaps it would be better suited for an individual with a stronger build.

However, its blade is very durable, made of reliable 3Cr13 S.S. with a black handle that’s wrapped in rubber to give the user a more secure fit and to make it comfortable for anyone to hold this item without causing fatigue.

A black thermoplastic belt sheath that’s also added to the design raises the accessibility, given that now this item can be easily reached and in case of danger or if you just want to be efficient in your activities, you’ll find this aspect very useful.

Also featured in this model are a hammer pommel and a full tang design, all meant to make it more appealing to the customers and increase its usability.

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SOG Voodoo Hawk F182N-CP


Chances are you’ll find this design somewhat appealing if you’re generally into particular looking items, given that it comes in two colors, silver satin and a hard cased black, adding a touch of style to this otherwise very functional piece of equipment.

It might be smaller than other similar products, but it is heavy-duty. It is a throwing hawk with an extended cutting edge, which also features a compact handle and a stainless steel pommel.

The blade measures 2.75 inches and is mounted to the nylon handle, reinforced with glass to make it more durable. A ballistic nylon sheath for storage and transportation is also included in the packaging and gives this item yet another plus.

With an overall length of 12.5 inches, this axe weighs roughly 23.1 oz, and it’s easy to use by just about anyone.

A lifetime warranty is the one final argument that the manufacturer has to offer, stating that they trust their design completely.

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