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Top rated camping portable radios of 2020


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the buying advice prepared by our researchers but you do want to find the best portable radio for camping, this paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of info regarding the best small and portable radios for camping by looking at the user feedback, the value offered for the money, as well as what various expert review sites had to say about these units. Out of all the products, the La Crosse Technology 810-106 is the best as it comes with a solar panel, a hand crank, and can be utilized for charging your mobile devices. Besides, this product can also work as a flashlight, should you ever need one. If this first model is unavailable, you could also consider the second best choice, the Ambient Weather WR-77.


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The top features of a portable radio for camping

Personal radios that can be used for camping ought to have a number of features in order to serve you as they should. If you’re feeling a bit baffled because of the broad array of products that are available in today’s market, all you have to do is have a look at our comprehensive guide. We’ve created it for a single purpose – to allow you to correlate your requirements with the attributes of the device you might be interested in purchasing.


Convenience and ease of use

While utilizing a portable radio with USB isn’t too complicated even for the average user who doesn’t have a solid grasp on technical things, it should be noted that some products are more user-friendly than others. If you’re buying the radio for an elderly individual or someone with disabilities, you have to pay extreme attention to details regarding usability. Are the buttons large enough? Is the LCD display bright enough? All of these are questions you ought to ask yourself before rushing into ordering an item.

As for convenience, it’s related to how you’ll be powering the device. Since this is a portable unit we’re referring to, you have to see whether it can work with batteries or if there’s any other way of powering it. A fully capable hand crank portable radio for camping can be very efficient, in that some models require just one minute of cranking in order to work for thirty minutes. Other powering options include solar panels and charging via a USB port.



Some portable options are rather limited, in that they can strictly broadcast the signal of radio waves such as AM and FM. On the other hand, various other devices have been designed to give you a helping hand in your time of need, which is why they’re built as emergency and weather radios. In a nutshell, this second type can keep you safe at all times.


Extra features

The size and weight of the product matter a great deal when it comes to ease of transportation. Some units can be used as chargers for other devices, such as a mobile phone. Many models come with accessories that might range from carrying bags to connectors and all sorts of cables. All of these characteristics should be taken into account if what you have in mind is getting the right unit for your specific needs.


Our top choices



La Crosse Technology 810-106


1.La Crosse Technology 810-106It should come as no surprise that this model is among the most critically acclaimed ones we’ve come across during our research.

It’s small-sized, lightweight, and easy to use, and advances no technical difficulties to users. The product comes with a small LCD screen that can be used to decipher the data that is being broadcasted, in that you’ll be able to see both the time and the radio channel you’re listening to at any given time.

Besides, the powering possibilities of this alternative are close to endless. In this sense, you might be pleasantly surprised to see that the La Crosse Technology 810-106 comes with a solar panel and can be charged via hand crank.

Besides, there’s nothing stopping you from using your mobile phone even when things seem to be pointless, and your battery is dead.

After all, the mini USB port featured by this option is a factor to consider. Since over seventy individuals have expressed their enthusiasm about the way the model seems to satisfy their requirements, it’s probably worth taking into account.



This emergency radio receives signals from all the NOAA channels, allowing you to learn in advance of any dramatic weather changes.

It doubles as an ordinary radio, so you will have access to AM/FM channels, as well, if you want to listen to other news or your favorite music genre.

The model comes equipped with a solar panel that helps with recharging in case the battery is depleted, and you’re in an emergency situation.

The LED flashlight has above average brightness and intensity, and it can be beneficial when the power grid is down, and you need to find your way around.

You can use the available crank, for recharging the battery, in case there’s no sun to harness power from; for 1 minute of cranking you will get 30 minutes of battery.



Should you need to use the micro USB port for charging your phone, you should bear in mind that you will need to purchase the necessary kit separately.

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C Crane CC Skywave


This compact weather radio can become your favorite companion on trips, as it is easy to accommodate in a small compartment of your carry-on and it offers excellent performance. The C Crane CC Skywave is more than just a weather radio, as it works for AM/FM stations, providing the same audio sound clarity and good reception. You can use it for listening to weather alerts, and you can also listen to traffic controllers as you travel.

The model offers 400 memory presets which is quite impressive for a unit this small. The auto scan tuning functionality comes in handy, too, and, as you move around by car, you will be able to quickly receive the signal from the radios in that area. Its list of functionalities is long, as you can take advantage of the included earbuds to listen to the radio without disturbing anyone. The manufacturer throws in a carry case, too.

The rotary knob for adjusting the volume is handy and convenient. The LCD screen is properly lit, so you can quickly read the information displayed. The model works with replaceable batteries, but at moderate volume, two AA batteries are enough for 60 to 70 hours of usage.



This model is compact and lightweight, making for a great companion when embarking on trips.

It serves as a weather radio, a standard radio for AM/FM stations, Airband reception for listening to traffic controllers and as a clock radio with alarm.

The 400 memory presets are enough for even the most pretentious users who like having all their favorite stations stored in the memory of their unit.

Various accessories like a pair of earbuds, a carry case, and a fold-out back stand, are included with your purchase.

You can make great use of the rotary volume knob to adjust sound levels.



A longer antenna would have been a good add-on for a more than decent radio, as some buyers mention in their reviews.

The keyboard also needs you to push a bit too hard on the keys, which can be a drawback and an annoyance.

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Ambient Weather WR-77


2.Ambient Weather WR-77Compared to other products in the line, this Ambient Weather unit might seem a tad more basic. However, we couldn’t help notice that it’s one of the most affordable alternatives you might have available.

What’s more, it’s capable of more than enough performance for a portable radio such as this one. For one, it can transmit AM, FM, and weather bands that are being used in the area you live in or the one you might be transiting. Secondly, it can be utilized both as a smartphone charger and as a flashlight, given that it comes with a standard USB port.

The main difference between the Ambient Weather WR-77 and others we’ve selected is the fact that it can be powered using batteries.

Believe it or not, there are models that don’t offer this convenience. However, the only minor inconvenience we’ve discovered about this model is the fact that it can’t be charged using solar energy or hand cranking.

Other attractive characteristics include a built-in speaker, a telescopic antenna, as well as a carrying strap that can assist you with transporting the device.



This compact size radio is ideal for carrying around in case of emergency, as it easily fits in a pocket, your bag, and even a glove compartment.

The USB port available comes in handy not only for recharging the battery but for recharging your smartphone so you can continue to make calls in case of an emergency.

You will be able to use the weather radio as a typical radio, as it can receive signals from AM/FM channels.

There is an earphone jack available, permitting you to listen to music or the radio, without disturbing others.

A carry strap and an additional antenna are included with your purchase, for maximum convenience.



Sound quality is not on par with the rest of the features, and it is fair, at best.

Getting good signal from local radio stations seems to be a challenge, as some buyers say that they needed a bit of fiddling with the unit to get this right.

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Horizons Tech HT-747.2


3.Horizons Tec HT-747While it might not be as affordable as other options we’ve stumbled upon, the Horizons Tech emergency radio is undoubtedly worth considering since it’s extremely versatile and easy to use. In fact, it comes with pretty much all the features you might ever wish for from a portable radio.

As such, the HT-747.2 can be utilized as a flashlight, a mobile phone charger, and emergency unit. Besides, the manufacturers are offering a complementary survival kit with this unit, which significantly adds to the overall value of the model.

In spite of the fact that this alternative has not yet garnered the same amount of appreciation as other models we’ve checked the specs of, most of the social media impact and reviews gathered by the Horizons Tech HT-747.2 are favorable.

Moreover, most consumer reports underline that everything about this product works as expected.

Some people have even emphasized the countless advantages offered by the complementary survival kit.



You will be connected to the latest news from NOAA when using this weather radio, so you never miss an alert on extreme weather changes.

One excellent aspect of this weather radio is that you can use it to recharge your phone, in case electricity is down and you need to make phone calls.

This model is more than just a radio since it comes equipped with other useful features, such as a flashlight, and a paracord bracelet with some necessities for extreme situations.

The rechargeable battery comes in handy in any situation; you can use solar energy, the USB port, or the hand crank available to make your radio work again.



Some buyers mention that the paracord bracelet is not exactly the finest feature since it lacks in certain aspects.

Battery life could be better when recharged as using the available methods for recharging will only give little energy for your phone to work.

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