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Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top rated hurricane lanterns in 2022


Movies always showcase candlelight as being one of the most romantic features to rekindle the romance fire between the protagonists. However, in real life, there are other alternative sources of light from which you could benefit more, especially in the case of a hurricane or a strong storm. For these situations, it would be best to purchase a specific hurricane lantern, but if you are too busy looking one for yourself, we got your back covered. After reading numerous online reviews, we have concluded that the Blazin’ Bison Brightest LED is the most suitable hurricane lantern because provides a 5000-lumen power for ultra brightness, it can be powered up to 140 hours with batteries and is portable and lightweight. If you cannot seem to find the Blazin’ Bison Brightest LED available for sale, we suggest choosing the Lemontec Portable LED as a viable alternative in terms of quality and price.


The top features of a hurricane lantern

If you want to be ready for the unlikely event of a powerful storm or hurricane hitting your town, we do suggest starting with a good shelter and some extra lanterns. However, choosing the perfect lantern can prove a bit difficult, especially if you are not sure what to look for. Read below to find our top picks whenever searching for a new hurricane lantern.



One of the main features of a powerful hurricane lantern is the brightness the item is capable of releasing. A good lantern that will provide enough brightness to light a room should have between 500 and 1000 lumens.

It is extremely important to be able to count on a powerful and bright lantern, especially during extreme weather conditions because you can announce others that you are OK, make yourself visible from a distance, or search for victims or provisions. Moreover, a powerful lantern can also provide you with enough light to play games, read, play cards, or even read should the power go out one night.


Long-lasting batteries

The brighter the light, the more power it will consume, causing batteries to die faster. This is why the second most important feature of a good lantern is to have long-lasting batteries. We always suggest to pack in an extra set of batteries just in case the ones you are using will eventually die and the power still won’t get back on.

A good battery life can provide up to over one hundred hours of full brightness to help you easily go through the night and light your way no matter the activity you choose. Luckily, new-generation batteries are able to provide numerous hours of light and guide you through the rough times. As a result, you can easily use your lantern in a variety of situations, including setting up a tent in the middle of the night or cook a delicious meal over a nocturnal barbecue.


Other features

Apart from brightness and power provided, you should also take into consideration the number of modes such lanterns display or the materials used for manufacturing the product.


Our top choices


Out of all the products available on the Internet, we thought that the following three will all make great acquisitions for you, depending on your needs and expectations.



Blazin’ Bison Brightest LED


According to the customers who bought and reviewed this product, it is one of the best hurricane lanterns available for sale.

It provides a high-intensity light of up to 500 lumens to help you with a wide series of nocturnal activities, from lighting up an entire room to midnight cooking sessions, reading, playing cards, spending time with your friends, installing your tent into the woods, etc.

One of the best features of this lantern is that it can run up to six days continuously, or approximately 140 hours on the save energy mode.

It provides three different modes, depending on your requirements and needs – high, low, and strobe.

Last but not least, thanks to its lightweight yet durable design this product can be easily carried around and stored in your bag.

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Lemontec Portable LED


According to plenty of online hurricane lantern reviews, the Lemontec item is perfect for a wide series of unfortunate events, such as storms, hurricanes, but also for a wide variety of nocturnal activities.

The maximum brightness provides is of 360 lumens is large enough to light up an entire room or provide guidance for numerous activities.

The intuitive design helps you easily operate the lantern using only one hand, while the 30-LED array helps running batteries for up to 12 full hours. However, the brightness automatically dims after 4 hours to help better accommodate your eyes with low light and save energy in the long run.

Handmade from military grade, this product is sturdy, reliable, lightweight and, most importantly, water-resistant. Thus, it can be easily used both indoors and outdoors without differences. The built-in safety features make the item childproof, turning it into the best lantern for hurricane according to some of the customers.

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Gerson Red Metal


Are you feeling retro and want to return to the origins while still being protected in case of a hurricane? This Gerson lantern provides you all that thanks to the vintage style design of a deep red color.

This 9.5-inch red metal and glass hurricane lantern is everything you will ever need to perform all your daily activities even when the power is off.

It includes 15 cool white LEDs and a dimmer switch to determine the perfect lighting intensity according to your own needs. This good hurricane lantern can be easily used both indoors and outdoors and will provide enough brightness for sufficient hours.

These products, although vintage, are 100% safe to use, flame and smoke-free. They run on 2-D batteries and are perfect for patios, camping or fishing to cast away the shadows.

However, if you plan on reading or using it to light up an entire room, we suggest searching for a different item.

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