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Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top rated hurricane lamps in 2022


Having an emergency kit in your house for special situations is critical for surviving under extraordinary circumstances. Apart from the medical kit which contains medicines, antibiotics, bandages, and other survival potions, you also need to understand the importance of the survival kit which must mandatory contain food and water supplies, a set of warm clothes, a utilitarian knife, as well as a special lamp. If you plan on buying a hurricane lamp but don’t have the time to go through shops, our following guide will help you choose the right product. After going through numerous hurricane lamp reviews, we have concluded that the best item is Blazin’ Bison Brightest LED because it comes at a reasonable price, it offers a high light intensity and its battery can last up to 6 full days. If the Blazin’ Bison Brightest LED is not available for sale, we suggest opting for the Apolled LED Lantern as a viable alternative.


The top features of a hurricane lamp

Searching for the perfect hurricane lamp is a tough choice, especially since there are so many options available on the market. If you don’t know exactly what features to look for, our following comprehensive shopping guide will let you know the top elements you need to take into consideration.


Light intensity/ brightness

Obviously, the most important feature when it comes to any type of lamp or lantern is the light intensity or brightness it provides. In this case, the bigger, the better. Special hurricane lamps are equipped with powerful LED lights to provide high-intensity lighting in order to brighten an entire room and help you guide through the night.

The intensity of the lamp is crucial in any surviving situations because it can literally make the difference between life and death if you are trapped somewhere and people can’t hear you. The light speed is higher than the sound speed, meaning there are more chances for someone to notice your code sent through light fascicles.


Materials used for manufacturing

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the materials used for manufacturing the lamp. The product should be sturdy enough yet lightweight and easy to handle even with only one hand. Also, the handle should be probably made from rubber to prevent sweating or fatigue during long hours of holding. We also consider that it is important for the lamp to be fully waterproof so that it could be handled during harsh weather conditions.


Battery life

The average battery life for a hurricane lamp is crucial, especially if you expect severe meteorological phenomena manifesting around the place you live. In the unfortunate event of total power blackouts and natural calamities, you need to know you can count on the battery life of your lamp to guide you through the dark nights and help you survive.

Thus, we suggest you carefully take a look at the number of batteries required to power a hurricane lamp. In this case also, the more the better. Keep in mind that 2-3 batteries will provide a prolonged life expectancy for your lamp and keep it light for numerous hours.

Lamps designed to undertake special weather conditions and phenomena should keep you at least a full couple of days of operating at high intensity.


Our top choices


After carefully writing down the essential features of a good hurricane lamp, we decided to offer you the products that best meet these criteria.



Blazin’ Bison Brightest LED


According to the customers who bought and reviewed this product, it is one of the best hurricane lanterns available for sale.

The high-intensity light of up to 500 lumens will help you perform numerous nocturnal activities, from reading, playing cards, spending time with your friends, installing your tent into the woods, etc. The product is strong enough to light up an entire room so that you can always count on it to get you out of trouble.

Thanks to the long life expectancy of the batteries provided, this product will provide up to six full days of continuous lighting or around 140 hours of intense use. Thus, it becomes the best hurricane lamp to have around during severe weather conditions.

Depending on your requirements or needs, you can switch between three different intensities of lighting – hard, low, and strobe.

The lightweight design and overall small dimensions make this product suitable for carrying around anytime, anywhere, including in a regular backpack or a purse.

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Apolled LED Lantern


Right from the beginning, you will notice the amazing quality of this product. It is made from strong ABS to provide all the important features for the best lamp for hurricane situations.

It is equipped with 30 individual low powered LED bulbs specifically designed to offer a prolonged lifespan and brighten up all rooms. The 360-degree wide angle illumination helps saving energy so that the batteries will last you longer than the ones available on regular lanterns.

Thanks to its ultra-light yet durable construction, this lamp can be easily carried around and used both indoors and outdoors, for camping or reading.

It comes with 12-pack AA batteries that will help you light for up to 10 hours on high intensity and around 12 hours of lower brightness.

Apart from being ultra-lightweight, this particular hurricane lamp will stand out in the crowd thanks to its harsh plastic shell and waterproof coating to be able to provide the required amount of light even during heavy rains or fogs.

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WalterDrake 12 LED


Out of numerous hurricane lamp reviews, this product ranked on top of the customers’ preferences especially thanks to its affordable price and outstanding features. Designed to mimic the vintage oil lamps, this WalterDrake lamp will definitely bring a touch of style and melancholy to all patios, gardens and home interiors.

The product features 12 different LED bulbs that provide a bright light to ensure lighting large surfaces of space. It comes with a dimmer switch to control the intensity of the light provided, as well as with a hanging ring for easy storing anywhere, both indoor and outdoor.

Most customers who purchased this product claimed they easily integrated this lamp into vintage decors to bring a touch of dusty romance on patios, balconies, terraces, and more.

This lamp requires 2 D batteries to perform.

Give your patio a rustic and romantic style with these decorative hurricane lamps or simply store them in your garage and keep them safe until dealing with severe weather conditions.

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