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Top rated hurricane generators


If you’re low on time and you want to know how you can find the best hurricane generator without having to browse through countless hurricane generators reviews, what you can do is to check out our guide and list of product reviews. Our findings show that the first item to take into consideration is the Jackery Powerpro Portable, due to its many useful functions. First of all, it’s small and light, and these design features make it an easily portable alternative, meaning you can use it for purposes other than generating power in case of a hurricane, like camping for example. It has an impressive capacity of 500 watt-hours and can sustain all kinds of appliances simultaneously, like TV sets, laptops and other devices. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this model has an incorporated powerful LCD flashlight for power outages. If this alternative happens to be unavailable, we suggest you try the Generac GP6500 Portable instead.


The top features of a hurricane generator


When looking for a reliable product, you can spend your time reading reviews of hurricane generators, or you can use the advice and suggestions offered in our article to guide your search for the most reliable alternative.



Given that you’re going to use this item not only in case of a natural disaster but also in the eventuality of a trip outdoors or just if you want to spend a few days outside of the city, you have to consider that you will be traveling with it a lot.

Therefore, it’s all for the better if it has a small and lightweight design so that it can be easily packed and stored in the trunk of your automobile. If you manage to find a product that has individual parts that can be folded down to reduce its volume, it’s even better.

You might want to look for an alternative that has wheels for easy mobility, especially if we’re talking about a generator that runs on gas, which probably also incorporates a tank and can get pretty heavy with all the resources.



Whether it works on solar energy or battery power or oil, it’s essential that the generator that you end up buying is powerful enough to sustain your lifestyle, or at least offer you the means of charging your most necessary appliances in a few hours, as much as a power outage might last.

If you manage your resources well and you pick the right model, you shouldn’t have any problem making it at least a couple of days without electrical power, that is until help from the local authorities arrives, in the event of a natural disaster.

When you solely plan to use this type of product for camping trips, just make sure you properly charge or fill its oil tank before starting to use it and make sure you don’t charge too many appliances simultaneously.


Emergency options

Given that this device is ultimately aimed at helping citizens in case a natural hazard strikes, it’s crucial to check whether it has any specific functions designed to be useful under such circumstances.

Some generators, for example, feature a powerful flashlight that can keep your home well-lit when the electrical outlets do not work anymore. We all know how a dark environment can wear anybody’s mood down, so that’s bound to be a useful feature.


Our top choices


When looking for a good hurricane generator, browsing through all the models available for sale can be quite confusing. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of our favorite alternatives to show the characteristics that every reliable choice should have.



Jackery Powerpro Portable


This alternative is an excellent power source for hurricanes or other natural disasters that might result in power outages or only for spending time outdoors, where there’s no electrical outlet to generate energy for your appliances.

The model boasts a small and light design, making it easy to carry in case of an emergency and comfortable to travel with for when you want to go camping or maybe spend a few days outside of the city.

It doesn’t let out any fumes or noises, and it is ETL Safety Certified, offering your devices complete protection. It has an impressive capacity of 500 watt-hours and can power various gadgets simultaneously, including laptops, desktops, TV sets or cellphones and many more.

In case of a hurricane or a storm, the power might be cut as a result of the damage that occurs to the local network.

This model offers an LCD flashlight that can help you keep your home well-lit, and this way keep everybody’s mood up.

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Generac GP6500 Portable


This is a reliable alternative that can provide you with up to 10 hours of runtime if the 7.2 gallon fuel tank is full. The Generac model works on a 389cc OHV engine that’s bound to have a long life, and that manages to offer consistent power when it’s needed.

An hour meter paired with the low-oil level shutdown help control the amount of energy that this product generates, as well as making sure that it functions properly and doesn’t waste its resources. A few covered circuit breaker outlets are added to this design to offer better protection.

The locking handle can be folded down for secure storage, and it can make traveling with this generator a lot more comfortable since the overall volume will take up less space.

The design detail that increases this item’s portability is the heavy-duty, never flat wheels.

What makes this Generac alternative strong and durable ultimately is the one ¼ inch steel tube cradle, built to last a long time.

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Generac GP17500E Portable


Another good alternative, this model manufactured by Generac works on a 922cc OHVI engine and is one of the most powerful options available right now on the market.

It features an electric start with an included battery, similar to the engine of an automobile. A plug-in battery charger jack is also added to make it easy to charge when electrical power is available, to rely on it when there’s an outage.

An hour meter helps you keep track of how much power you’ve been using and how much you may have left, in order not to be surprised when the fuel runs out.

A low-oil level shutdown helps this device work correctly, while the idle control reduces the noise it makes and conserves the fuel.

The tank can hold up to 16 gallons of fuel when it’s full and offers up to ten hours of runtime at a 50% load, meaning that in case of a natural disaster, if you use your resources well you can keep your electrical appliances running for quite some time.

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