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Top rated handheld weather radios of 2020


If you are short on time and can’t afford read all the reviews and excellent buying advice written by our team of researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best handheld weather radios. In determining the best products we have looked at product popularity, expert reviews and last but not least feedback straight from the users. We have found that the Eton NFR160WXB Microlink is the best because of its great functionality and overall value. Detecting weather alerts is what this unit does best, and the great news is that you can use it to listen to your favorite AM and FM stations, whenever you do not need it for weather related news and warnings. An USB port for cell phone charging is available, but make sure you have an USB cable around, since this accessory is not provided with your purchase. Nonetheless, the fact that you can recharge your phone when the power is down is a great plus. The unit is compact and lightweight, so you will easily find room for it in your backpack or even a pocket. If the Eton NFR160WXB Microlink is unavailable, you can confidently choose the C. Crane CC as it offers similar performance.


A.1 Best handheld weather radio


The top features of a handheld weather radio

These days, getting the best handheld weather radio is a tricky thing to do. Most consumers end up feeling baffled about how many alternatives exist on the market today. In order to considerably improve your buying process, we have created a list of the most important details to take into account. Here’s what you should know.



Some models are more versatile than others. For example, a series of weather radios that we came across can be charged via the dynamo/crank, via a solar panel and using regular DC. Furthermore, some have USB ports which can be utilized to charge a mobile device.



Nothing would be the same with the online environment if it weren’t for consumer reviews. Ratings are good for prospective buyers, because they can let them know just what to expect in terms of convenience, price and durability. The same applies with weather radios.



The prices of units vary largely depending on the manufacturing brand, on the country of origin, on its capabilities and even on the marketplaces that are selling it. If possible, try to estimate just what you are willing to spend on a model and make sure to stick to this sum of money.


Our top choices


We’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models that can be found on the internet nowadays. All of the following varieties have received excellent user reviews, both on the part of American and international buyers. Since their features are so esteemed, we thought it might be a good idea to consider them if you haven’t made up your mind about a model.



La Crosse 810-805


There is no reason for the weather to take you by surprise ever again, should you decide to get this weather radio. Praised by many customers, the La Crosse 810-805 is a dependable unit that will always let you know about the evolution of weather and any alerts related to severe weather changes and phenomena. The broadcast for all the seven available NOAA channels is received by this unit, and you will be able to know everything about tornadoes, thunderstorms, and any potential disasters.

The quality of this radio, of both its reception range and signal clarity, is closely related to the superior performance of its IC chip, made in the USA. As far as the way the alert system works, you need to know that the blue LED light on the back will become RED, and the one on top will start flashing. The present 3.5mm jack is used for earphones, which is another functionality this model has.

You will appreciate the ergonomic design that allows you to hold the unit in your hand in a comfortable manner. The rugged exterior prevents major accidents and ensures that you can depend on your weather radio even under extreme circumstances.



You will receive broadcasts from all the NOAA channels so that no weather alerts will ever get past you, ensuring your well-being and even survival.

The chip used is made in the US and ensures excellent performance for the digital radio.

The alert system that turns the blue LED lights to red and makes the one on top to flash will let you know when you need to start packing for an emergency.

In case you want to listen to the radio using earphones, connecting the radio with earbuds is simple, due to the present 3.5mm jack socket.

The overall robust design is telltaling for the dependability of this unit which you can use successfully in the event of an emergency.



While the model is compact and overall easy to carry around, some buyers suggest that a belt clip would have been a welcome addition.

Buy from for ($35.23)





Freeplay Tuf


3.Freeplay TufThis Freeplay portable radio is yet another inexpensive alternative to consider. It is both lightweight and small enough to be used with pleasure by any type of buyer, regardless of his or her physical capabilities.

The model works with any type of radio band, from AM and FM to NOAA. The LED display is long-lasting, as it has been tested and proven to last approximately 50,000 hours.

Judging by the power source options, the Freeplay is the winner of the three items in this list. It can be recharged via solar panel, by cranking and via a mini USB port.

As is the case with other products we have analyzed, the pack of this one does not come with the mini USB port.

The Freeplay Tuf Radio measures 2.4 inches by 5.7 inches and weighs in at just 0.7 pounds.

Some of the consumer reviews we consulted speak highly of the unit’s powering versatility. Others underline that it is a truly excellent choice for emergency use.



This digital radio will let you quickly select all the AM/FM stations in your area for entertainment, news, and shows.

You can use this model in case of emergency for recharging your phone, which can be vital when there’s no power outlet nearby, or there’s no electricity.

The bright flashlight works with LEDs, and it provides enough visibility when you need to navigate lesser known areas in the dark.

The hanging hook is a nice add-on, as it lets you attach the radio to your backpack, for easy access.

You can use the hand crank to recharge the battery, but that’s not the only way to do that. Solar energy can be utilized, as well, and the USB cable provided lets you recharge the radio from any device with such capabilities.



The bright yellow design may not be to everyone’s liking, and the manufacturer doesn’t offer any other options.

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C. Crane CC


2.C. Crane CCCompared to the item we have showcased above, this one is considerably more affordable. Nevertheless, a low price definitely does not mean low quality, particularly in this case.

The C. Crane variety is excellent for buyers who are looking to purchase a model that is both small-sized and fully capable.

This device is so small that it can fit anyone’s pocket. Although it might be difficult to believe judging by its looks, it is packed with a nice set of features, from sleep timer to clock and alarm.

Both the backlight and the removable belt clip make it one of the most usable varieties that are available today.

However, the C. Crane weather radio does present a minor disadvantage. It is not capable of using other power sources aside from 2 standard AA batteries. In terms of convenience, this is a downfall.



You will gain access to all the NOAA alerts, as well as local radio stations, should you decide to opt for this particular model.

One of the aspects that recommend this unit is its excellent sensitivity that is a pleasant surprise, seeing the compact size of the radio.

The five available memory presets can be very handy for changing between different radio stations, whenever you feel like it.

The speaker is powerful enough to hear, but you can use your earbuds, too.

Additional features include a sleep timer, a belt clip, and a clock with alarm, that will help you not only in the case of an emergency.



The speaker quality is inferior, as noticed by some of the consumers who have tried this unit, but, for a model so compact, such a drawback is to be expected.

Figuring things out can be tricky, so keeping the instructions close by when you need to change something is indicated.

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Unavailable products


Eton NFR160WXB Microlink


1.Eton NFR160WXBEton is one of the most well-known brands on the market. It goes without saying that this item is up to the company’s quality standards, which is why it has been named the best handheld weather radio money can buy. The Eton NFR160WXB Microlink can be bought in three color variants, ranging from black to red.

The radio works with virtually any type of frequency, be it AM or FM, and is capable of detecting NOAA weather bands and weather alerts. The neat thing about this variety is that it can be powered using two different sources: the dynamo and the solar panel.

In addition, the Eton features a USB cell phone charger; however, the USB cable is not part of the deal with this one.

This is a small-sized and lightweight unit that does precisely what it is supposed to do and does it remarkably well. Around 80% of the people who have purchased it claim it’s the best weather radio out there. Many buyers emphasize that it offers great value for the price.




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