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Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top rated first aid survival kits


Everyone enjoys a good weekend getaway in nature, camping, fishing, or hunting. However, bad situations and small accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Thus, no matter where you are and no matter where you plan on going, having a functional first aid kit is crucial. In the car, in the office, in the kitchen, or while camping – these kits can prove extremely useful and can help you treat minor wounds, superficial cuts, and get you rid of pains. However, since there are so many products available on the market, finding the right survival kit could prove a difficult job. After reading plenty of online reviews, we have reached the conclusion that the Monoki 174 Emergency Survival Kit is the best option because it is packed with no less than 168 multi-purpose medical supplies, 6 practical survival toolkits, it is lightweight, compact, and extremely durable. Should you not find this product available, we suggest opting for the Thrive 291 Pieces as a viable alternative.


The top features of a first aid survival kit

It is always good to be prepared for the worse, no matter where you are. Thus, first aid kits have become extremely popular in the past few years because they can get you out of trouble and help you heal or treat superficial wounds and aches. However, if you want to make sure you chose the best first aid survival kit, here are some features you must take into consideration:


Number of supplies

If you want the best emergency preparedness kit, you need to look for one providing as many supplies as possible. Make sure they include some light antibiotics, painkillers, stitches, syringes, patches, bandages, alcohol pads, pins, and other useful items you might require in unusual situations. The more items it has, the better, as you will never know exactly how many of those you will actually need until you find yourself in a stressful or even dangerous situation.

If you want to make sure you bought the right product, we suggest first taking a look at some first aid survival kit reviews available for sale online and read everything you need to know there. You will find comparisons between different suppliers, as well as honest opinions regarding the quality of the products provided by each kit.



Another truly important feature of these survival kits is that they have to feature a durable case. The products should all be packed individually in a box or case that should be made of high-quality products, should be shock and scratch resistant, as well as extremely durable, and waterproof. Imagine that you will probably put this bag inside your car or take it with you on your next trip. Durability is the main feature you should consider, in order to make sure all products inside are kept safe, dry, and sterile.


Lightweight design

A good first aid kit should also be as lightweight as possible. Considering a large number of items found inside, this is sometimes extremely difficult to achieve. However, a lightweight design also means that it can be folded or stored in narrow spaces.


Our top choices


Everyone should own a survival kit for emergency situations for safety reasons. Below you will find a list with the top products we consider are worth purchasing so you can choose your own first aid survival kit.



Monoki 174 Emergency Survival Kit


This kit is packed with everything you need and a little extra to make sure it faces all unpredictable situations. The case is waterproof and shock resistant and features a bold, red design with a big cross symbol, to be easily reachable.

Inside, you will find no less than 168 medical grade supplies, including scissors, plastic tweezers, safety pins, vinyl gloves, alcohol pads, cotton sticks, bandages and adhesive bandages, cleaning wipes, and more.

In addition, the kit also provides some indispensable survival items such as an aluminum whistle, a silver heating emergency blanket, a knife, and a fire starter.

All products are of high-quality and represent everything you need to fix small bruises, superficial cuts, and wounds.

In addition, the survival kit also comes with an instruction manual complete with pictures to showcase and describe the utility of each product contained.  The case is solid and, most importantly, lightweight, so you can easily carry it around and store it wherever you go.

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Thrive 291 Pieces


This first aid kit is packed with everything you require to face dangerous and unpredictable situations.

From cotton balls to burn gel, alcohol pads, elastic bandages, regular bandages, metal tweezers, scissors, globes, pins, ice packs, and even a tongue depressor, this kit will certainly keep you safe and sound in most outdoor and indoor situations.

All products are packed in a bright red bag made from vinyl and nylon to resist scratches, shocks, and provide a 100% waterproof design. In other words, this is the perfect first aid kit to take with you everywhere you go or even have it stored in your house or at your job for unforeseen events.

The item doesn’t include a quick clot, but you can easily add one if necessary, due to the extra room left. What we liked about this kit is that you can customize it according to your own needs and add or remove some of the items. You will even have some room left to store a penlight or a small flashlight.

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Osha Ansi 250 pieces First Aid


This first aid kit contains 100% FDA approved American medical supplies, and none of these items are made in China.

The kit is equipped with 250 pieces of medical supplies and survival elements that can easily “fix” 50 people.

What we like the most is that, unlike other kits, this one also comes with a good variety of pills and mild antibiotic packets, not only with pads and antiseptic bandages.

The kit includes, amongst others, 21 alcohol prep pads and antiseptic towelettes, cotton tip applicators, safety pins, finger splints, antibiotic ointment packets, burn cream packets, iodine prep pads, antacid tablets, knuckle bandages, sterile gauze pads and trauma pads, as well as aspirin tablets, adhesive bandages, and instant cold packs.

Basically, the small-sized bag contains an entire pharmacy full of important medical supplies. The lightweight design allows you to carry it around everywhere you go and face unforeseen events whether at home, at work, or in outdoor trips.

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