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Last Updated: 24.06.22


Top rated weather radios from Eton in 2022


If you’re looking to purchase the best Eton weather radio and you can’t afford to read the rest of our article, this short paragraph contains all the information you need to make an educated purchase. After looking at the features and customer reviews of some of the most popular options, we have concluded that the product worth buying is the Eton American Red Cross Solarlink ARCFR360R. The unit is solar and hand crank-powered so that you can keep it running even when you are away from a conventional power source. It is compatible with Digital AM, FM, and NOAA radio bands so that you can always have the information you require at your fingertips. It also includes a 4-LED built-in flashlight to help you find your way in the dark. If by any chance our first product is not available for purchase, we recommend you consider the American Red Cross ARCFR160WXR.



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The top features of a weather radio

People who live in areas that are frequently affected by floods, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and other similar circumstances should invest in the best Eton weather radio. It always pays to have one’s wits about them when disaster strikes, and Eton provides great solutions for staying on top of things even when everything else seems to be falling apart. Here’s what makes Eton weather radios the unlikely heroes in emergencies.

Eton weather radio

Emergency Support

It is difficult to stay calm and able to act decisively during emergencies, natural or manmade.Fortunately, one can get the best Eton weather radio to serve as a means of staying connected to the outside world when a person gets suddenly cut-off, as in a severe thunderstorm, flood or civil disturbance. A weather radio can even be a window to civilization when camping in the wilderness.

Most models offer reception of the NOAA channels , all seven of them, which adequately covers about 93 percent of the US.



The best weather radios manufactured by Eton are able to pull in not just the seven NOAA stations but also both FM and AM stations, so one can keep informed and entertained during severe emergency situations. Some models come equipped with an emergency beacon for signaling and a LED flashlight that provides illumination.


Power Supply

The top selling ETON models can be powered using a rechargeable lithium battery, for sustainable energy source. A solar panel offers a renewable energy source when electricity is not available. Most models can operate with hand cranking or a turbine, for cost-free power. Eton radios can also be powered using standard size batteries, a most convenient alternative to AC power.

Some models even allow you to juice up portable devices such as a smartphone.


Our top choices


Don’t get caught unaware of the dangers that could befall your locality. Investing in a weather radio is always an intelligent decision when you live in an area frequently stricken with disasters. There are plenty of weather radios on the market, but we find the following products to be genuinely exceptional.



1. Eton American Red Cross Solarlink ARCFR360R


This model can pick up both AM and FM frequencies, as well as the 7 currently available NOAA weather bands so that you can be up to date with the latest weather information in your area and receive alerts automatically. The built-in antenna provides excellent signal reception which can be increased by holding it up to a metal structure.

The auxiliary input can be used for audio devices if needed so that you can connect the unit to a speaker or headphones if you wish to listen more carefully to what the alerts are saying. The product also includes a 3 LED light that has a decent enough output so that you can use it reliably during the night.

As far as the battery life is concerned, there is no need to worry that you will run out of juice since this model comes with not one but multiple power sources. You can use the classic method of recharging the batteries with a USB cable and in cases of emergency, it can be powered by AAA batteries. 

When not in use, you can leave the radio out in the sun since it comes fitted with small solar panels that can slowly but reliably charge up the lithium battery. In situations where you need a quick recharge, you can use the hand crank.



The unit has a rugged design that allows it to handle most outdoor activities and since it requires no plugs or wires, you can take it with you anywhere.

This model features a pack of built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged from an optional USB adapter, through the solar cells or by using the integrated dynamo hand crank.

It is compatible with both AM and FM radio bands and it can receive signals from all the 7 NOAA channels so that you are always up to date about the latest weather forecast.

For each Eton emergency communication devices that your purchase, a small part of the money you pay will go to help rebuild communities that have been hit by natural disasters. 



While the finish looks very nice, the red coating can get sticky if left in the sun and customers were unable to find a solution to undo this sticky texture.

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2. American Red Cross ARCFR160WXR


1.Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160WXRWhen things become quite unexpected, trust the Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160WXR to help you cope with the situation. This revolutionary device receives signals from AM and FM, aside from pulling in the NOAA weatherband and 8211. The device is portable and handy to have in an emergency.

It can be powered through two options: hand cracking and solar. The weather radio comes with a USB Cell Phone charger, which juices up your portable device by dump charging. The Eton ARCFR160WXR charges your USB device after it has been cranked, so you can make that quick emergency phone call when needed.

The Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160WXR Weather Radio has a 3.5mm headphone jack for entertainment as well as private listening via earbuds or headphones.

Offering portability and convenience, this weather radio is lightweight for effortless carrying. The three built-in white LED light sources provide illumination at night. The tool is ideal to take with you when camping. The weather radio can be highly useful during home or car emergencies.



This versatile model can be used either as a regular AM/FM radio or as an emergency weather unit since it is capable of tuning to all seven NOAA channels.

You can use solar power to charge up your radio or you can use the hand crank if you find this activity enjoyable. Either way, the radio will always keep working.

The included USB port lets you use the batteries of the radio to charge your phone, which is a very useful feature to have in cases of emergency.

The lightweight and compact design makes the radio very easy to keep with you anywhere you go, and you will always be able to rely on it working.

It is an affordable choice that won’t have you break the bank. 



The LED flashlight has garnered a few negative reviews with owners complaining that the light it produces is not powerful enough.

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3. Eton FRX5


2.Eton FRX5 Hand Crank Emergency WeatherAble to receive the NOAA weatherband, the Eton FRX5 Emergency Weather Radio is a convenient device that keeps you informed and entertained as well. It can also pull in AM and FM radio stations, so you can stay calm and entertained during severe emergencies.

The Eton FRX5 Emergency Weather Radio provides NOAA Weather alerts as well as SAME technology, so you are not always caught unaware of the things happening around you. The digital display and tuner ensure hassle-free control of the functions of this product. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can provide enough power to charge most smartphone models completely.

The Eton FRX5 Emergency Weather Radio has a 5-volt USB output, which provides fast charging for tablets and smartphones.

The unit can be powered using any of four options: via the rechargeable lithium battery; exposure to the sun thanks to a solar panel; hand cranking of the turbine mechanism; four triple-A batteries. The solar panel delivers high efficiency charging of the built-in battery in just five hours, so one can get up and going in no time.



If you want more features from your weather radio, apart from keeping you up to date on all the weather information in your area, this model can also be used to play your own tunes or as an alarm clock.

The unit can broadcast NOAA emergency alerts for your area automatically and the alerts are both visual and audio so that you can be ready to handle any eventuality.

There are four different ways to power up this model – you can use the built-in solar panel, the hand crank, recharge it with a classic cable or you can use alkaline batteries.

Once fully charged, the 2000mAh lithium battery will provide you with weeks of reliable use, especially since the standby power drainage for this option is insensible. 



The buttons are wedged right under the handle and this choice of positioning makes them very hard to locate and press, or to read what each one does.

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4. American Red Cross FRX3


3.American Red Cross FRX3 HandThe American Red Cross FRX3 Weather Alert Radio is able to receive weatherband alerts, along with regular AM and FM stations, so one can keep entertained and informed during the worst emergencies. The FRX3 has a USB jack through which a smartphone can be charged, so users can stay connected.

The device has multiple power options. The weather radio can run on rechargeable batteries. The hand turbine can be cranked to provide static power that fuels the internal battery.

The radio can be left in the sun to allow the solar panel to take in solar energy. It can also be powered using triple-A batteries. The device is an emergency preparedness radio that keeps your household ready for emergencies. .

The American Red Cross FRX3 has an ALERT function, which, when turned on, will enable the radio to broadcast emergency weather alerts automatically for a specific area. The weather alerts include severe storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. The radio also features a LED flashlight that provides illumination in the dark. The emergency beacon enables users to signal to rescuers.



This affordable weather radio will keep you prepared for any emergency or disaster by giving you enough time to gather supplies, make a plan, and inform yourself.

This is a Red Cross Ready product which means that you are guaranteed to get a high-quality product that millions of other people use every day.

The radio can receive AM and FM signals, and it is compatible with all seven NOAA weather band stations as well as the “Alert” system that will broadcast weather alerts for your specific area.

It can be left in the sun for a passive charging option, you can spin the hand turbine for a quick charge, you can use AAA batteries or recharge it with a classic mini-USB cable.

This model also includes an LED flashlight that can provide some illumination in the dark. 



Customers have mentioned that they would have liked for this radio to be just a little smaller since as it is right now, it is not the most compact model available.

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