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Last Updated: 08.08.22


Top rated emergency escape masks in 2022


In the unlikely event of a gas attack or leaks, you should be prepared accordingly. Safety measures can always save lives and, even though it is preferable not to use any safety equipment whatsoever, if the time comes, it can really make the difference between staying alive and dying.  Thus, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment is an escape mask, large enough to cover all your face and protect your eyes and nose from harmful gases and substances. If you don’t have enough time to look for such a mask yourself, we have come up with a list of products and tips on how to acquire such items. After reading plenty of reviews in the field, we have concluded that the best available item is SanSiDo Respirator because it comes with a very affordable price, it features a pair of safety goggles, and can prevent plenty of organic gases and keep you protected. If the SanSiDo Respirator is not available for purchase, the second best option should be the SAS Safety 3653-50 Pro.


The top features of an emergency escape mask

When the unimaginable happens it is best to stay safe and act accordingly. We know that buying a safety mask may not be your number one concern, especially if you don’t work or live in a polluted environment. However, if you plan on buying one but you’re not really sure what you should be looking for, our following shopping guide will give you all the intel required.


ASTM approved

The ASTM standards improve performance and help everyone work better and have confidence in the products they buy and later use. Thus, it is extremely important that all escape masks, no matter their intended use, to comply with the ASTM International quality standards and provide a safe use.

The E2952-14 ASTM standard on air-purifying respiratory protective smoke escape devices certifies that a particular mask is safe to use and will provide good and healthy breathing for a prolonged period of time.

Bear in mind that products which don’t comply with international quality and safety standards may not work properly, break in the process or even put in danger your health. As we are talking about an escape mask, we strongly suggest to only purchase verified and accredited items.

High protection against organic gases

The main duty of an escape mask is to keep you safe from inhaling dangerous vapes or gases that can further affect your health. We suggest opting for products that cover a wide array of potentially harmful and toxic gases if you want to stay safe and be prepared for every situation. Most escape masks protect you against acetone, alcohol, benzene, aniline, chlorine, trichloride, etc.

However, you must pay close attention to all gases that a mask protects you against and also know if they can be used in environments that are immediately dangerous to your health or they can only be used in controlled environments.


To goggle or not to goggle

Your respiratory system is not the only one that can get easily affected by harmful gases, this is why a good escape mask should always feature a pair of highly protective goggles to allow you to see properly without irritating or harming your eyes.


Our top choices


After looking up through numerous product reviews, we have concluded that the following ones represent some of the best available now for sale.



SanSiDo Respirator


This product is certified as safe by the government and can be purchased online for a very attractive price.

It will keep your eyes and respiratory system protected against a wide array of organic gases and vapors (ether, gasoline, dust, spray paints and oils, alcohol, benzene, acetone, chlorine, and others) so that it can be safely used in toxic environments.

This was voted as one of the best emergency escape masks because of its high-quality and resistance. The product features a pair of transparent safety goggles to easily see what is happening around you and escape from a potentially harmful environment.

The sealed package of the mask will ensure the item and all its filters are clean and dry so that they provide zero outdoor pollution. The best escape mask you can find on the market within a reasonable price range can keep you protected and help you easily breathe up to 45 minutes before having to change the filters.

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SAS Safety 3653-50 Pro


The product is available for international shipping and ranked in the top preferences of customers according to numerous escape mask reviews.

Available for sale at a quite affordable price, the product is made from durable silicone and features a universal nose fit to match all face sizes and proportions.

It provides protection against organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulfide, which makes it suitable to wear in chemical environments. The large sealing surface provides an excellent fit to all face shapes and sizes so that it can be easily worn by all people.

The reputed SAS company offers high-quality safety equipment for over 30 years so their success on the market is a guarantee of the quality of the product you are about to order. Tested, inspected, checked and securely pack, this escape mask will reach to you under the most strict safety and transportation standards so that it can be used immediately.

Purchase the mask now and you benefit from a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Elmridge Protection Products POT


Suitable for international shipping, this high-quality product will keep you safe while working in dangerous and chemical environments.

Manufactured to meet the strictest quality, safety, and protection standards, this safety mask will offer full protection against all biological and chemical terror threats, being suitable for professional use under all circumstances.

This is not just a good escape mask but provides more protection than other items available on the market so that you can feel safe no matter what is happening to the world. In the unlikely event of a chemical or biological threat, this escape mask will protect your eyes and respiratory system so that you can fight against threats or escape from a harmful environment sooner.

It weighs under 0.5 pounds and features twin filters for easy breathing. The high volume air flow will provide natural breathing for more than one hour. Thanks to the lightweight yet durable design, this mask can be easily carried around anywhere, and even attached to your belt or carried in your purse.

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