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Top rated disaster preparedness kits


If you want to take the shortest way to find the best disaster preparedness kit, all you need to do is to follow our suggestions. We’ve spent our time reading reviews of disaster preparedness kits in case you don’t have the patience to do so. Our findings show that the first product on our list that you should consider is the Ready America 70280 Backpack, due to its many useful features. First of all, it can sustain two people for up to three days in case of a natural disaster. Among the items included there are food, water, and emergency blankets to keep the customers as comfortable as possible. Also, a first aid kit is added to offer a means of taking care of the future health issues that may occur. Should this model be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban instead, since it would make for a great second alternative.

The top features of a disaster preparedness kit


When looking for a good disaster preparedness kit, you need to make sure that you know which characteristics can make a difference in case disaster does indeed strike and which product is the right choice to keep your family safe.


Food supplies

Every other model will have supplies to keep a small group of people adequately fed for at least a few days, but you need to check the shelf life of the kit before making a purchase. Short shelf life means your money will probably go to waste or you’ll find yourself unable to use the supplies in case of a hazard.

Make sure you adapt your choice to the number of people in your family. If not, at least make sure you buy more than just one kit because it will be difficult not only concerning sharing food but also regarding other types of supplies.


Staying comfortable

Just being alive during a natural disaster is though, but a few manufacturers are trying to make the situation slightly more comfortable for some customers. If you want to make sure you’re comfortable while waiting for help to arrive, try to find a kit that also includes items like sleeping bags or adult-sized ponchos.

Keeping your body temperature up is not just about comfort but also about health and reducing the number of calories that your body consumes. If you’re cold, you’ll waste more energy to keep yourself warm, and thus your body will need more food to survive, and that’s a no-win situation.


Treating health issues

In case disaster does strike, it’s almost inevitable that you will have to deal with minor wounds such as scratches or bruises. For them not to get infected or to escalate into something much worse, you need a first aid kit on hand to help you preserve your health and that of your loved ones.

Most kits will have this item included, but pay attention to the contents. It doesn’t take much healthcare knowledge to know which supplies are essential when it comes to an excellent first aid kit, and if you check carefully, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Our top choices


With so many options currently available for sale, we figure it might be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of reviews of our top picks so that you’ll have some suggestions to start with.



Ready America 70280 Backpack


This alternative is great if you’re looking for an affordable means of surviving during a natural disaster situation. It can sustain two people for up to three days if needed, and it includes many of the essential items to help you get through this challenging time.

It comes in the form of a backpack that you can keep anywhere you choose, at home or the office, or you can even give it to your children so that they can store it somewhere in school and be safe no matter where they’re at when disaster strikes.

The backpack includes many useful provisions such as food, water, and emergency blankets to keep the users as comfortable as they can be.

Aside from the food part, there’s also a first aid kit containing 33 pieces, all to help fix whatever mild health issues might occur.

What is also worth mentioning is that the kit also contains two safety light sticks that will work for about twelve hours, allowing the individuals to be spotted when they’re the subject of a search party.

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Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban


You can avoid being caught unprepared in case of a natural disaster by using this survival kit offered by Emergency Zone, that contains USA made SOS brand food and water approved for a five-year shelf life. This time frame means that five years from the day you buy this item you can be sure you’ll be safe in case of a hazard.

It comes in the form of a discreet black backpack that you can keep anywhere between your home or your office, and it won’t draw attention. The supplies that can be found inside are sufficient for two people in the case of the two-person kit or four if you choose the upgraded option.

Among the items included there are waterproof document containers, reflective sleeping bags, adult size ponchos and hand warmers to keep your body temperature up, as well as food and water.

A few personal hygiene products are also included to keep the users as comfortable as possible and, most importantly, a first aid kit to help you deal with superficial wounds or infections.

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Ready America 70358 Deluxe


This survival kit is capable of sustaining up to four people in case of a natural disaster, and the supplies that can be found inside the backpack have been approved by the US Coast Guard.

The food and water included can keep four people well fed for up to three days.

Aside from the provisions, there are also items to help you stay comfortable while you’re waiting for help to arrive, such as four survival blankets and four ponchos to keep your body temperature up.

Aside from these, there is also a first aid kit added to the backpack, meant to help you deal with minor wounds during the time spent waiting.

What’s interesting about this particular survival kit is that it offers ways to communicate after the power has been cut, such as an emergency power station where you can charge your flashlight, your radio or cell phone and afterward get in contact with the local authorities or friends or relatives that might be of some help.

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