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Last Updated: 25.06.22


Top rated digital weather stations in 2022


Are you shopping for the best digital weather station but you don’t have time to read all the information gathered by us? This short paragraph will give you the background for a good purchase. After browsing through numerous reviews, sales figures, and social media reactions, we discovered that the AcuRite 01512 is the model that is worth your money. Considered by many the best AcuRite weather station sold on the market, this model comes equipped with plenty of features, such as a 5-in-1 weather sensor. This model is capable of tracking all sorts of weather information, such as rainfall, all year round. The color display is gorgeous and it auto-dims its brightness, depending on light conditions. There is a battery backup available with your purchase. If you cannot find the AcuRite 01512, we suggest getting the AcuRite 02064MA1, as it offers almost the same performance.



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The top features of a digital weather station

What kind of characteristics should you be able to find in a digital weather station? There is plenty of information available online, but this does not mean that your choice would be easy. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with honest information on everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Complex information, ready to be delivered

A weather station is something that can offer you accurate information on how the weather will behave over the next day. This kind of information should help you be prepared for weather changes, with proper clothing and equipment, especially if you desire to embark on a trip. That is why it is paramount that your unit is capable of displaying all kinds of information.

Such information includes air humidity, wind speed and direction, chances of rain and, of course, temperature. The more you know, the better you will be prepared, and that is why the best digital weather station reviews recommend units that come equipped with multiple sensors.


Bright display

A digital unit will not be of much use if its display is not easy to read. This is the main reason why users tend to opt for units that are capable of displaying the information they monitor on a bright screen. This feature also helps with overall looks, so don’t be surprised to find those good looking models also offer high performance.


Extras to keep in mind

Certain things matter more than others when it comes to extras. For instance, a battery backup is always nice to have. Also, the ability of the display to dim itself is a good extra because it will save energy.

A wireless connection for transmitting information over your PC and mobile devices is great, as well. Some even come with their dedicated apps so you can quickly consult weather conditions from your smartphone.


Our top choices


Find the best digital weather stations available at the moment listed below. These models are great to have because they come equipped with a plethora of features that will help you never leave your home unprepared. Praised by their buyers, they are great choices to keep in mind, and any can be considered the best weather station for home use.



AcuRite 01512


The AcuRite 01512 is among the models with a positive feedback track from the vast majority of buyers, which is why it is so highly recommended and included on this shortlist, as well.

The weather sensor this model comes equipped with is capable of measuring temperature, the humidity in the air, the speed of the wind, where the wind blows and chances of rain.

You may also like that this model is capable of tracking rainfalls, so you will have a clear picture of how the weather may evolve.

Now, you no longer have to leave your home feeling unprepared, for the sole reason that this model is perfectly capable of helping you know exactly what to expect. The Self-Calibrating feature makes sure that you will get the best forecast possible.

The color display is gorgeous, and it allows you to read the information available with high accuracy. You can dim its brightness by hand, or let it handled by the automatic feature that comes built-in. This unit is powered by electricity, and it comes with a battery backup, so you will never run out of power for your digital weather station.

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AcuRite 02064MA1


Another model from AcuRite, a company well known for making high-quality weather stations, is the AcuRite 02064MA1. This model offers its fair share of advantages, and it is worth taking into consideration. Its weather sensor can accurately predict changes in weather, since it takes all the necessary weather components into consideration, such as air humidity, temperature, wind direction and speed, and rain conditions.

You will find the illuminated display a nice touch since it can be dimmed to fit the lighting conditions where it is located. When you need to read the information regarding weather forecasts from the display, the screen will let you in all there is to know, without any glitches.

Users love all the nice extras offered. The Moon Phase tracker, the setting for evaluating indoor comfort level, and many others are very handy and fun to use. The station can even deliver information, such as what temperature the air feels like. This will help you dress appropriately for what kind of weather is outside.

You can connect this model to your computer with the help of its USB port. You will be able to monitor weather conditions directly from your mobile device, via your computer, so you never lack information.

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La Crosse Technology 308-1414B


The La Crosse Technology 308-1414B offers reliable information in regards to weather forecasts, helping you enjoy the best information available.

You will know whether it will be a sunny day or a cloudy one or if there is a chance of storm or rain. Such information can come in handy when you need to plan ahead, and you have to embark on longer trips.

The model is capable of resetting to daylight saving time, so you will never be caught out of the loop. The accurate time and date will always be displayed as a result. Such features make this unit an excellent option if you are searching for high quality at a competitive pricing.

The unit will show you the level of humidity, and it will also record minimum and maximum values. It can be used for monitoring conditions both indoor and outdoor, and its wireless connection makes it a fine choice for anyone who wants absolute control and information on weather conditions.

You can hang the unit on a wall, or use its base stand to place it anywhere you like. An additional feature you may like is the time alarm with 10-minute snooze.

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