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Last Updated: 25.06.22


Top rated AcuRite weather alert radios in 2022


If you’re short on time and can’t afford to read all the reviews and excellent buying advice written by our team of researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best weather alert radio. In determining the best products we have looked at product popularity, expert reviews, and last but not least, feedback coming straight from the users. Our conclusion is that the AcuRite 08525 is the one you should consider because it responds to all NOAA / NWS / DoD alerts and warnings and offers you the NOAA service announcements for your area. Besides possessing great weather radio features it is designed for grab and go situations. It’s also fit for hazardous situations thanks to the long lasting batteries that can provide power for an extensive use. If the AcuRite 08525 is unavailable, you can confidently choose the AcuRite 08510OTP as it offers similar performance.


The top features of a weather alert radio

If you live in an age of tornados, hurricanes, floods and snowstorms, then you’re probably living in the present and need a weather alert radio. Disasters can strike anytime, so people need to reliable devices to keep them informed and ready, to maintain contact with the world and provide them with valuable updates. Here’s what you need to consider when purchasing one.

Basic Functions

Before or during any major emergency, the key function of a weather alert radio is to deliver the warnings and updates of the weather channels.

That’s why having a weather alert radio that has good reception on the AM band, the band weather channels broadcast their signal, is enough to make sure you get the important information.



You should pay attention to the way warnings and alerts are received by the radio station you’re about to buy. Most of them may pull the necessary weather channels but that that doesn’t mean you’ll be prepared.

To really get the warnings in good time, the item should be equipped with Specific Alert Message Encoding (SAME). The protocol encodes the messages coming from NOAA, Department of Defence (DoD), Weatheradio Canada and other alert systems.  

When choosing the weather alert radio don’t forget to check for alert filters, which will spare you the effort of listening to alerts that don’t concern you or the area you live in.


Power Source

Your best chance to get through an emergency is to have a battery-operated radio. Autonomy is a great advantage when a crisis emerges. But you should also consider an alternative source because buying loads of batteries is not practical.

So take a look at the radios that can be charged by using a wall plug or any other option that keeps your device working. When you do, make sure it’s easy to use and reliable.


Other features

Take a minute to think about the display of the product, as it’s really useful to see the details and be able to read them effortlessly.

Check all the other features in the description to assess the mobility of your unit, the tuning it uses and the plugs it possesses. These all may not be vital for the purpose it was intended, but operating more easily is also crucial while in distress.


Our top choices


You can search for your favorite weather alert radio by going from store to store, or you could simply take a shortcut and choose one of the products we recommend. They have been showcased bellow.



AcuRite 08525


The small weather alert radio responds to all hazards and warnings coming from NOAA / NWS / DoD and Weatheradio Canada. You can stay up-to-date 24/7.  

It has automatic notifications for emergencies, weather and public messages and the emergencies are announced by a loud siren that you will surely hear. This way you won’t go uninformed and can keep to your usual tasks.

For a precise report on local weather conditions, the radio uses S.A.M.E. technology, so you’ll be notified of any severe changes that occur in your home region. You can choose the type of warning that interests you and there’s a “listen” button for when you just want to check the local weather forecast.

The radio has a backlit LCD display that scrolls alert messages and above it, there are color-coded LEDs which indicate the type of warning.  You’ll be able to read the time and date, which are automatically updated.

The gadget runs on AAA-type batteries and has an AC charging station. Reviews show that the power consumption is low and you can manage for about three days with only batteries.

We consider the AcuRite 08525 to be the best AcuRite portable weather alert radio. It has all the required features of a weather alert radio and the price is reasonable.  

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AcuRite 08510OTP


With good reception for all NOAA channels as well as DoD and Weatheradio Canada, this weather radio alert is well built to keep you informed of emergency alerts, tornadoes, floods, disasters or even Amber alerts.

This AcuRite is a tabletop radio, so the powerful siren sound that it issues when there’s an emergency condition will reach you in any corner of your house. The great thing about the tabletop is that it’s nice to have around the house even when there’s no emergency.

As you don’t want to waste batteries, you can remove them and plug the AC charger when you know there’s no hazard on the way.

For a proper station pick-up, the device has Phase Lock Loop digital tuning and carries out a 50-mile signal scan. Though some customers noticed it can even get reception from transmitters 85 miles away.

The backlit LCD is a plus for this weather alert radio, thanks to the multilingual display in English, Spanish and French. You can also check the power level because it has a low battery indicator.

Purchasing this unit is a smart move as the best AcuRite weather radio reviews show that this product is a reliable investment.

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AcuRite 08535


This portable weather alert radio is the camouflaged brother of the AcuRite 08525. It offers the same advantages when it comes to weather alerts. The AM band provides reception for the NOAA/ NWS / DoD broadcasts.

If you want the hazard alerts to be efficient you can use the S.A.M.E technology to receive advisories, watches, and warnings relevant to your location.

For people that might be annoyed by the loud siren sound of the alerts or even get scared,  the level can be easily adjusted by using the volume controls and that’s another plus for the item.  Also, the AcuRite 08535 is equipped with a “listen” button for when you’d like to check the weather forecast.

The clear LCD display and the color-coded LEDs that indicate the alert type offer further guidance for any fresh owner of a weather alert radio.

The small size and double power source, batteries and AC charging station, make it a “grab and go” kind of radio. You’ll also notice how keeping the dimensions balanced helps with the sound volume.

The easy setup, headphone/accessory jack, and lengthy battery life make it a good choice for home use as well as short treks or outdoor activities.

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