AZDeal Portable Solar DE-13

Last Updated: 17.09.20

Main advantage

This is a compact radio that can help you in emergency situations as well as during normal times. It comes with a solid body, AM and FM capabilities, as well as several important survival tools such as a solar-powered LED lamp, an alarm light, and a siren.

There’s also a cranking dynamo to manually power the device in a time of need, as well as a standard USB port for charging your mobile devices.


Main disadvantage

While many users lauded the many functions and capabilities of this device, some complained that the dials and switches are hard to read, and some people might find them confusing. Others have commented on the fact that it takes some practice to properly tune in on some radio stations.

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Main features explained



Radio frequency support

This device comes with plenty of options which make it a favorite among survivalists as well as regular people who enjoy outdoor adventures. This radio can support both AM and FM frequencies so that you can tune in just about any national radio station.

You get support for FM between 87 and 108 MHz, as well as a wide range of frequencies for MW, SW1, and SW2 which means you won’t miss your favorite radio program even when you’re miles away from your home.

Backup lighting options

This device comes with a solar-powered LED lamp which will help you light your way in the dark without having to carry an extra set of batteries with you. There’s also a front 3 LED lamp that can use the radio batteries.

In case your battery runs low, you can always use the cranking dynamo which can charge the radio as well as the lamp so you can get out of emergency situations even with no power left. The red LED light will be helpful in case you get in trouble and wish to send visual distress signals. This radio also features a USB port for charging various mobile devices.

There’s also an earphone port so you can plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite tunes without bothering anyone.


Design, portability, and power options

The radio comes with a solid design that should withstand a lot of use and abuse. Its small and compact body should make it easy to carry, especially since it can fit in the palm of a large hand. You can put this inside your tactical vest with absolutely no problems.

The crank is easy to operate and it can charge your radio’s battery pack just enough so that you can hear important weather alarms or other messages. This unit also works with Ni-MH batteries so you can grab a spare pack just in case.

For those times when there’s really no other power source, you can also use the solar panel to charge your device. You won’t need to operate the crank handle, but only leave the panel out in the sun so you can power your working LED lamp and see where you’re going even in complete darkness.


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