Are weather radios useful?

Last Updated: 25.06.22


Weather radios are designed to keep you informed on the latest weather changes. Most importantly, they provide you with alerts of natural impending disasters that take place close by and that can affect you in a serious way. Whenever this happens, the NOAA Weather Radio sends a civil alert, specifying the type and the region or regions where the natural hazard will take place. So, if you’re wondering if weather radios are useful, the answer to that question is “Yes, they are”. Moreover, you don’t always have to listen to the weather news on the radio to receive natural hazards alerts. Though NOAA uses a special frequency to broadcast its news, which cannot be intercepted by a usual AM/FM device, most of the items that include the VHF frequency can also be set on other frequencies for you to listen to other radio channels as well. However, weather alert radios are programmed to interrupt any other transmission when a civil alert is issued.


How to use a weather radio?

Weather radios function using the SAME codes technology. To be able to receive weather alerts for your region, you need to search the SAME code attributed to your county, go into your radio’s menu and insert this code. Once this operation finished, your radio will receive all weather alerts issued for your county. You can easily find all SAME codes on the internet.


How long do weather radios last?

Weather radios can last up to 200 hours using battery backup energy in standby mode. However, if a radio functions continuously, the batteries are able to keep it running for approximately 24 hours.


What’s the best weather radio to buy?

When you buy a product, it is advisable that you pick a device that has the NOAA logo on it that ensures the product has been evaluated and approved by them. For the rest, the choice belongs entirely to you, as there are a large number of companies producing such devices. One of the most renowned manufacturers is Midland, producing weather radios and two-way radios as well. The company began its activity in the 70’s and, since then, it has developed into one of the world leaders in this area, with representation in major countries around the world like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The United Kingdom, Russia or Singapore.

So, if you are looking for a highly functional weather alert radio, you can fully rely on the products provided by them. The more recent Midland products come with automatic frequency change in case of an alert, (so even if you are not listening to the weather radio channel, you will receive the issued alert), color alert, meaning that the radio will indicate the severity of the alert by using a color code, and sound or voice notification. They also include other functions, such as alarm clocks or single or multiple S.A.M.E. code options that will allow you to receive weather alerts issued for various counties.

Furthermore, if you need a weather alert radio for camping and trips, these guys produce great outdoor devices, fitted with antennas that will intercept radio signal in any place and under any weather conditions. If you own a portable item, in case of a power outage, make sure you have plenty of batteries with you or that you have a device that is fitted with a hand-crank power generator that will keep it functioning for a long time. However, most of these radios function on batteries that can keep them running for days, and they have energy saving mechanisms.


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